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Jeremy Lin

10 Beautiful Portraits Of Asian-Pacific American Influencers

Add these incredible people to your list of APA heroes! Courtesy of Sons & Brothers.

Jeremy Lin Pretended To Be A Wax Figure And Scared A Few Of His Fans

"I can't believe these people thought this piece of steel was made out of wax."


Celebrities Read Mean Tweets About Themselves - NBA Edition Part 2

Why trash talk on the court when you can just trash talk on Twitter?

A Bunch Of Famous Men Star In White House PSA On Sexual Assault

"It's a crime. It's wrong," says Steve Carell. Daniel Craig, Seth Meyers, and more join the 1 is 2 Many campaign.


Jeremy Lin Lost His Mind Over Harvard's Shocking March Madness Win

Seeing a pro athlete give in to this kind of fandom is awesome.

The Rockets Pulled Off An Incredible Trade But It Made Jeremy Lin Sad

Houston got trade-deadline madness off to a lovely start.

Jeremy Lin Got Fined, Lost A Ton Of Fast Food Last Night

How many McChickens and Jack in the Box tacos can you buy with $2,000? Jeremy Lin wants you to know.

Proof That Basketball Is A Violent Sport

Two bizarrely physical yet super goofy plays went down during last night's Rockets-Clippers game. But don't worry, Jeremy Lin is fine.

The Straight-Ahead Guide To Becoming A Sports Fan

Pick your team, learn your team, love your team.

Jeremy Lin Is Still Awesome

In a record-tying Rockets win over the Warriors, Lin reminded the world why he's still the dude.

On The One-Year Anniversary Of Linsanity, Manti Te'o Should Take Heart

Jeremy Lin and Manti Te'o went mainstream, in a very big way, in very different circumstances. And, based on how Lin's story turned out, Te'o should feel optimistic.

Knicks Fans Boo Jeremy Lin In His Return To The Garden

Lin won this round, though: he played well and his Rockets torched the Knicks for an easy victory.

The New-Look Rockets Are So Good, They Play The Game In Imaginary Space

James Harden is two plays and three planes of existence ahead of the game.

The Rockets Are The Most Exciting Team In The NBA

WHAT. Yes! Here are 14 reasons why. They are all GIFs.

11 Reasons Why The NBA Is Going To Be Fun As Hell To Watch This Year

Look no further than these storylines to know why the NBA is the best professional sports league going. (That's right — better than the NFL.)

9 Sports Books That Don't Need To Exist

Complete with totally, absolutely not fake Amazon reviews.

The Weirdest Moments From Jeremy Lin's Taiwanese Streetball Odyssey

Jeremy Lin went to Taiwan and conquered everybody.

Jeremy Lin Skyped With A 5-Year-Old Who Was Sad He Left The Knicks

Naim was bummed that the Knicks didn't keep Lin around. But he felt a little better after getting to talk to his hero.

What Do Oil Barons, Rappers, and Jeremy Lin Have In Common?

How the Houston Rockets can find their team's true identity.

Why The Knicks Didn't Re-Sign Jeremy Lin

This is the only possible explanation.

The Knicks Are Psychotic To Let Jeremy Lin Go: A Comprehensive Case

There is not any possible universe in which letting Jeremy Lin walk would be better than the alternatives. If you read one piece on Lin, read this one, then stab yourself.

The Knicks' Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Weird Weekend

Or "A Storied Franchise Reminds The World How Dysfunctional It Can Be In 5 Easy Steps."

The Knicks Spent The Whole Weekend Hiding From Jeremy Lin

New York's GM Glen Grunwald has three days to match Linsanity's offer sheet with the Rockets after receiving it in his hands. Like a bad subpoena, Grunwald did his best to delay being served. No word on if fake moustaches were employed.

Leaked Memo: Knicks Owner James Dolan On What Jeremy Lin Offers The Team Won't Match

Thanks to this totally real and definitely not at all made up memo*, we know exactly what James Dolan is and isn't willing to do to re-sign Jeremy Lin.


Angelina Jolie's Right Leg Crashes The Webby Awards

The internet's version of the Oscars was visited by the most famous body part from this year's Oscars. BuzzFeed was invited to cover the Webby Awards, so I decided to dress up as Angelina Jolie and terrify a bunch of famous people.

The New York Knicks: Basketball Trolls

How the Knickerbockers did it for the lulz.

Jeremy Lin Has A Replica Of His Jersey Made Entirely Of Fruit Roll-Ups

So this is a thing. The people at Fruit Roll-Ups felt the Knicks star needed this. Why? It's really stupid.

Jeremy Lin Makes An Awkwardly Adorable Commencement Video

The Knicks point guard delivers some inspiration, rapping, and ill fitting thick rimmed glasses to the class of 2012.

The Time 100 List Has An Athlete Problem

The Time list of 2012's 100 Most Influential People omitted any black athletes and praised Jeremy Lin for his lack of "bling." What's going on here?

Jeremy Lin Wrote A Short Essay About Tim Tebow

It's for Time's list of the world's 100 Most Influential People, and it's really really stupid.

Who Would You Rather Have At Point Guard: Steve Nash, Jeremy Lin, Or A Baby Tiger?

Next season, the Knicks might have to decide between Steve Nash and Jeremy Lin as their starting point guard. Also, a baby tiger could be in the mix. Who even knows? That's just how the world works.

Painting The Mona Lin-A

A torn Lin-niscus may have sidelined Jeremy Lin, but at least we can still commission performance painters to dance-brush his visage at half court. Leonardo Da Linci anyone?

LINCOMPOOPS: The Knicks Have Not Been Completely Honest About Jeremy Lin's Injury

Did the Knicks hide Lin's injury to sell more playoff tickets? Who cares?

Jeremy Lin Overshares With Post-Surgery Picture

Social media has limits, Jeremy!

Watch Jeremy Lin Talk About The Surgery That Will End His Season

"Once it’s fixed, it’s fixed. It’s a simple surgery. It’s not an end of my career.” There is a chance Lin could return for the playoffs, should the Knicks make it that far and get out of the first round.

Jeremy Lin Had Lunch With Fired "Chink In The Armor" Writer

What do you talk about with the guy who got fired for accidentally referring to you as a racial epithet?

Watch A Jeremy Lin Impersonator Do An Interpretive Dance On A Chinese Talent Show

Jeremy Lin means different things to different people, clearly. Keep your eyes open for Lin and Landry Fields' uber-nerdy handshake.

Jeremy Lin And Landry Fields Show You How To Do The Nerdiest Handshake In Sports

It turns out it might be the most religious handshake in sports too. Who knew?

Ernest Hemingway Weighs In On Mike D'Antoni's Resignation

The New York Knicks' coach has resigned, and Papa has a few things to say about it.


Linsanity Is Over

You're a professional athlete playing in New York City, you've lost six straight games, and everything with your catch phrase on it is marked down 50% at the Times Square Duane Reade. Your popularity is waning at best.

Metta World Peace Throws Shade At Jeremy Lin

Or "Why I Am Disappointed In The Diminishing Craziness Of The Artist Formerly Known As Ron Artest."

Why You Should Be Following Landry Fields On Twitter

Can someone please explain what is happening with Jeremy Lin and Steve Novak here? Anyone? Landry? (via @LandryFields)

The Knicks Are Really Milking The Jeremy Lin Merchandising

I think we've reached the saturation point.

So Now There's X-Rated Jeremy Lin Fan Art [NSFW]

"And as his legend grew, soon all the women screamed Jeremy! I want you LINside me!" What in the actual fuck? (Also why is Amare on his knees watching?)

Jeremy Lin's Underwear Is For Sale On eBay

The bidding for a pair Lin's boxer briefs from his Harvard days starts at $1,000.

Was Ben & Jerry's Original "Lin-Sanity" Flavor Racist?

The controversial Jeremy Lin-inspired flavor was originally vanilla frozen yogurt with swirls of lychee honey and fortune cookie pieces. They recently removed the fortune cookies. It's currently only available at their Harvard Square store.

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