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Jeff Bezos


Which Weird As Hell Tech Founder Are You?

In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is probably just wearing an eye patch as some sort of twee affect.

Why Do We Love To Hate Jeff Bezos?

Tech industry elites like Jeff Bezos would rather tackle space than poverty because wealth inequality is a messy, complex problem that tech might never be able to solve.

Amazon To Open Some Kind Of Store In New York City

The company is opening a brick-and-mortar store of sorts in New York City, reports The Wall Street Journal. It's not clear whether it'll be a hub for online orders or display its own goods.

Delivery Drones

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos made a surprise announcement during a segment on 60 Minutes Sunday, saying the company is hoping to deploy drone delivery for items under 5 pounds within 4-5 years. Before the service, dubbed PrimeAir, can take off, however, Amazon first needs to secure FAA approval.

Amazon Plans To Deploy Delivery Drones

Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bezos showed off the drones, which are in development right now, on 60 Minutes tonight. He claims they could be making 30-minute deliveries in four to five years, though acknowledged that's a particularly optimistic timeline.

10 Curious Investments From Tech Billionaires

Jeff Bezos just bought The Washington Post for $250 million. It's certainly not the weirdest investment he — or other techies — have ever made though.

Heavy Heart

Washington Post Co. CEO Donald Graham, pictured below with publisher Katharine Weymouth, announced the sale of the Washington Post newspaper to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos for $250 million, ending 80 years of family ownership. Graham said the family weren't the best owners for the paper anymore.

Amazon, Overstock Race To Bottom In Book Price War

The two e-commerce retailers are aggressively trying to undercut each others' book prices, which is great for consumers but not so much for authors.

8 Things Jeff Bezos Just Doesn't Care About

Step one: Report quarter that doesn't meet expectations. Step two: Don't care about the earnings. Step three: Watch stock reach record high.

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