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Jamie Lynn

Jamie Lynn Spears Said She Threatened To File For Emancipation During Her Teen Pregnancy After She Was “Banished” Into Isolation And Denied Any Independence By Her Parents

“My family denied my attempts to be independent and left me with no other choice than to threaten to file for emancipation with the courts. I spent days agonizing with my pending decision. But I followed my gut and instructed my new lawyer to go ahead and draw up the petition.”

Jamie Lynn Spears Edited Another Shady Caption Denying Britney Spears Bought Her A $1 Million Condo, And Then Appeared To Accidentally Post A Pic Of Her Husband Scrolling Through Britney’s Instagram

Britney and Jamie Lynn’s Instagram feud appears to have reached new heights, after Jamie Lynn yet again edited a shady caption, this time denying ownership of a condo in Florida bought with Britney's money.

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