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Virat And Anushka Got Hitched And Everyone Is Singing The Same Damn Song

Mehfil mein teri hum na rahe toh jokes toh banenge.

There Are Slave Markets In Libya. Here's What You Need To Know.

Hundreds of thousands of sub-Saharan Africans are currently trapped in Libya, stranded as they try to reach Europe. A recent report shows some of them being auctioned off.

One Of The Biggest Alternative Media Networks In Italy Is Spreading Anti-Immigrant News And Misinformation On Facebook

The network sheds light on the overlap between the fringe underbelly of the Catholic world, Italy’s nationalist movements, and for-profit clickbait.


A Priest And A Fascist Walk Into An Election

Seventy-two years after the death of the former Italian dictator Benito Mussolini, fascist movements are aiming to return to national politics. And anger against immigrants is propelling nationalists across the country.


Model Who Says She Was Kidnapped In Italy Was Seen Shopping With Her Alleged Captor

The lawyer representing the 20-year-old British woman says her ordeal was real, and that she cooperated with her captor because she feared for her life.

30 Devastating Images From Wildfires That Have Scorched The World

This year, blazing wildfires have stranded thousands.

A 20-Year-Old Model Says She Was Drugged And Kidnapped To Be Sold In An Online Auction

The British model thought she was traveling to Milan for a photoshoot, but alleges she instead was drugged and stuffed into a suitcase by two attackers.

NGOs Say It's Getting Harder To Save Lives At Sea

Italy has been at the forefront of Europe's refugee crisis, but the government is now pushing back against refugees and migrants with a new code of conduct that some aid organizations worry will cost lives.


19 Travel Videos That'll Either Soothe You Or Fill You With Intense Jealousy

Someone give me the money to spend a month in the sun by an infinity pool, please.


Everything That's Happened Since A Bunch Of YouTubers Got A Ship To Stop Refugees Getting To Europe

The ship was supposed to pick them up in Italy. But on Wednesday, the captain and the crew of the ship were detained in Cyprus. Here's everything we do know, so far.


Far-Right Activists Are Stealing Tricks From YouTubers And It's Going To Get People Hurt

A small group of far-right activists have figured out how to manipulate the media with viral stunts — and it’s getting more and more dangerous.

Here's What's Going On Behind The Scenes During The G7 Summit Negotiations

A thin compromise on refugees and immigration is very likely.

That Hilarious Stuck Car Scene In "Master Of None" Actually Happened

Turns out quite a few of the scenes in Master of None are based on real events.

39 Of The Most WTF Eurovision Performances Of All Time

When Italy's lyrics included the line: "I love parking inattentively."

If You Can't Get 9/12 On This Basic Italian Test You Can't Have Pasta Anymore

Scottish kids take exams like this all the time, are you smarter than them?


Make Us Say "Mamma Mia!" By Taking This Extremely Difficult Italian Food Quiz

You like pizza and pasta, but how much do you really know about them?

People Think These Pastry Designs Are Deliciously Adorable

I want to eat it, but it's so pretty.


The President Of Italy's Chamber Of Deputies Is Launching A Campaign Against Fake News

In an exclusive interview, Laura Boldrini, speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, told BuzzFeed News why she is fighting back against disinformation and violent abuse.

These Puppies Survived For Five Days In An Air Pocket Under An Avalanche

Rescuers in Italy erupted in cheers Monday after the puppies were discovered in an air pocket of a luxury hotel buried under tons of snow.

Breitbart News Is Now Planning To Expand Its Presence In Italy

The alt-right website has been increasingly turning its focus to Europe.

As Many As Eight Survivors Found After An Avalanche Buries A Hotel In Italy

UPDATE: People have been found alive inside the Hotel Rigopiano in the Abruzzo region, local media reported. Two, a mother and daughter, have been rescued and taken to hospital.

Why 2017 Will Be Even More Dramatic Than 2016 For Europe

Before you get too comfortable thinking 2017 will be better, let's take a quick look at some of the European drama in store.

26 Holiday Ideas You’ve Probably Never Considered Before

Who knew Siberia was an ideal holiday destination?

Top Five Star Movement MP Says Talking About Fascism In 2016 Is "Irrelevant"

Alessandro Di Battista also said he was "super proud" of his father, who has openly described himself as a fascist.

Here's What The Hell Just Happened In Italy And Why It's A Big Deal

Everything you need to know about the immediate and long-term implications of Sunday's referendum.

Anti-Establishment Wave Prompts Italy's PM To Resign After Losing A Referendum

Matteo Renzi's resignation comes after constitutional reforms he backed were rejected in a referendum on Sunday.

Italy's Most Popular Political Party Is Leading Europe In Fake News And Kremlin Propaganda

The Five Star Movement controls a network of official sites and supposedly independent news outlets that spread misinformation across the internet.

McDonald's Now Has A Nutella Burger, Because We Need Something Good For A Change

Don't freak out, there's no meat in it — just yummy, gooey Nutella.

Italy Has Been Rocked Again By Its Strongest Earthquake In Decades

The magnitude-6.6 quake hit the central regions of the country, with tremors felt as far as Rome and Venice. More than a dozen people are reported to have been injured.

At Least One Killed After Powerful Earthquakes Strike Central Italy

The larger quake measured magnitude-6.1. The shaking came about two months after another earthquake killed nearly 300 people in central Italy.

Family Of Woman Who Died During Miscarriage Says Doctor Refused To Help

The family of an Italian woman who died after complications from premature labor is alleging that a doctor refused a life-saving fetal removal because of his moral objections to abortion.

A Right-Wing Italian Mayor Is Introducing An "Anti-Kebab" Law

The city of Padua has announced a bill that will demand new takeaways sell 60% local produce.

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