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Silvio Berlusconi Will Probably Skip His Own Party’s Conference And Go To Vladimir Putin’s Birthday Party Instead

The Russian president has invited Berlusconi to Sochi to celebrate his 66th birthday.

Italy Asked About Weakening Sanctions Against Russia At A Closed-Door Meeting Of European Diplomats

No European government supported the Italian request at a meeting of diplomats earlier this month.

These Influential Italians Are Signing On To Steve Bannon's "Movement" To Shake Up The EU

“People under 35 years old, the millennials, please understand one thing: You’re better fed, better educated, in better shape, you’re more culturally aware than 19th-century Russian serfs, but you are nothing but serfs.”


Here’s A Totally Incredible Story About Pro-Russian Mercenaries And A Close Aide To Italy’s De Facto Leader

Gianluca Savoini is not under investigation, but his alleged links to far-right extremists, according to court papers, raise new questions about his relationship with Matteo Salvini.


イタリア・ジェノバで橋が崩落 その決定的瞬間


Dozens Of People Have Died After A Major Bridge Collapsed In The Italian City Of Genoa

Italy's Transport and Infrastructure Minister Danilo Toninelli said the incident was an "immense tragedy."

At Least One Person Is Dead After A Huge Highway Explosion In Italy

A tanker truck carrying explosive materials collided with an auto transport trailer in Bologna.


I Was Sure I Wanted Kids. How Could I Fall For Someone Who Wasn’t?

We were trying for kids in my last relationship, and then things fell apart. It wasn’t so easy to forget what I wanted when I met someone new.

The Unofficial Kremlin Fixer Of Italy's Interior Minister Sat In On Official Meetings In Moscow. Nobody Seems To Know Why.

The president of an Italian pro-Kremlin cultural association says he was in Moscow as a “member of the minister’s staff.” But he wasn’t on the ministerial list of delegates.


Plan A Trip To Italy, And We'll Give You A Handsome Hottie To Travel With

Like "The Lizzie McGuire Movie" says, this is what dreams are made of.


What Kind Of Pasta Are You?

Here's a quiz to help pasta time.

European Diplomats Are Concerned About The Relationship Between Italy's New Government And Russia

European governments are confused. As one official asked, “How does Russia help young unemployed people in Calabria?”


Italy's Deputy Prime Minister Once Talked About "Cleansing" The Roma And Migrants

Matteo Salvini, who announced a proposed census of the Roma this week, last year said in an interview that a "street by street" cleaning of Italy was needed.

The Italian Prime Minister's New EU Adviser Compared The EU To Nazi Germany

Luciano Barra Caracciolo posted an image of an EU flag peeled back to reveal a Nazi flag underneath.

Hundreds Of People Are Stuck On A Migrant Rescue Boat After Italy Shut Its Ports

UPDATE: MSF confirmed the vessel, after transferring hundreds of people off it, would sail for Valencia.

Italy's Far-Right Deputy PM Is Having A Massive Argument About Immigration With Mario Balotelli

Matteo Salvini said the captain of the Italian national football team "should be representative".

Italian Politics Just Had Its Craziest Week In Decades. But It Could Be Only The Beginning.

Here's how Italy ended up with the most populist, anti-establishment, and nationalist government in Western Europe.

25 Places Every Serious Traveller Should Have On Their Bucket List

Sometimes, the crowds of tourists are worth it.


I Followed My Uncle’s Legend To Italy, And Found A New Way Forward

My great-uncle Tomas Concepcion was a legend in our family — a famed artist and politician living in a hilltop castle on the Mediterranean. When I was 20 I visited him in Italy, looking to understand how he got there, why he stayed, and what it means to be an immigrant who leaves home with hopes of building something permanent.

17 Journeys By Train That Will Change Your Life Forever

Take a slow and stunning journey by train across some of the world's most beautiful landscapes.


Here's Where You Should Actually Travel This Spring

April showers bring May travels.


Italy's New Far-Right Star Specifically Thanked Facebook For The Election Result Because Of Course He Did

Matteo Salvini delivered the fiery Eurosceptic, anti-immigration message in a country obsessed with talking about politics on Facebook.

Italy’s Election Result Was A Hot Mess, Even By Italy's Standards

The world’s eighth-largest economy is now in the hands of a mix of antiestablishment, populist, and far-right forces.

Meet The Politician Getting Death Threats For Campaigning For Women’s Rights In Italy

She’s been threatened with rape, burned in effigy, and been mocked by a major party leader using an inflatable sex doll. Now Laura Boldrini, the speaker of the Italian Parliament, stays in a secret location while running for reelection.


A Man Has Been Arrested After Migrants Were Hurt In Drive-By Shootings In Italy

Six black foreign nationals were shot in Macerata on Saturday morning.


Here's Everything That Happened At The 15-Day-Long Fairytale Virushka Wedding

There were a lot of celebrities, lots of dancing, and mostly — lots of love.


Cette recette de bolognaise crémeuse est un régal assuré

MILLE fois mieux que de la bolo en boîte.

Virat And Anushka Got Hitched And Everyone Is Singing The Same Damn Song

Mehfil mein teri hum na rahe toh jokes toh banenge.

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