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Democrats Haven’t Pulled Attorney General Barr Into The Impeachment Inquiry, But Trump Keeps Name-Dropping Him

Barr tapped a US attorney to investigate the origins of the Russia investigation. That probe is ongoing, and Barr has asked foreign leaders to cooperate.


21 Underrated Spots In Europe That Should Be On Your Bucket List

Think quiet cobblestone streets, empty white beaches, and amazing local food you've never even heard of.


Create Your Very Own Restaurant To See Where You Need To Move ASAP

We've got things to eat and places to go!


Two American Teenagers Were Detained For Allegedly Killing A Police Officer In Italy

The teenagers, from California, got into a fight with officers after a drug deal went wrong, police said.


I Took Part In The Moscow Oil Deal Negotiation With Salvini’s Aide, Says An Italian Lawyer

In a letter to an Italian newspaper, Gianluca Meranda said he was prepared to cooperate with prosecutors investigating the proposed deal to channel funds to Matteo Salvini’s party.

The Far-Right Bromance At The Heart Of Italy's Russian Oil Scandal

The relationship between Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini and longtime aide Gianluca Savoini goes back 20 years.

Italy’s Matteo Salvini Is Facing Calls For An Inquiry Into A Secret Russian Oil Deal Recording Revealed By BuzzFeed News

Two former prime ministers want answers from Salvini, whose aide was recorded negotiating with Russians over a deal to channel oil money to his far-right Lega party.

Revealed: The Explosive Secret Recording That Shows How Russia Tried To Funnel Millions To The “European Trump”

A close aide to Italy's deputy prime minister Matteo Salvini held covert talks to pump Russian oil money to his far-right party. BuzzFeed News has the tape.

Read The Full Transcript Of The Italian Far Right And Russia Oil-Deal Meeting

“We want to change Europe. A new Europe has to be close to Russia as before because we want to have our sovereignty.”


19 Things That Could Only Happen In An Italian Family

Starbucks = no. Percolators = YES.

Italy’s Climate Change–Skeptic Government Wants To Host The UN’s Flagship Climate Change Conference

Italy’s candidacy is putting EU governments in a difficult position. The UK meanwhile is lobbying Italy to drop its bid.

These Teens Photobombed A Far-Right Anti-LGBT Leader With A Same-Sex Kiss

They said they wanted to fight hate with love.


One Of Steve Bannon's Top Allies In Italy Is Under Investigation Over Alleged Corruption

Senator Armando Siri was the first Lega politician to meet Bannon when he began courting links to the far-right party in 2018.


This Quiz Will Reveal Which Pasta Shape You Are

Life is about exploring new PASTA-bilities!

18 "Italian" Foods Served In America That Send Chills Throughout Italy

You've been lied to about Italian food your whole life.

Italy Is Ground Zero For The War On Women — Which Is Why These Far-Right Groups Are Meeting There

An alliance of far-right Italian politicians, Putin-affiliated Russians, and anti-LGBT activists from the US are gathering in an Italian city at the heart of the war on women.


Amanda Knox Has Been Awarded $20,000 In Damages By A European Court

Knox was convicted of making false statements during the investigation into the murder of her British roommate. A court ruled these had been made in an atmosphere of “intense psychological pressure.”

Italy's New Sanctuary Movement Will Challenge An Anti-Immigrant Law In Constitutional Court

The law strips legal immigration status from tens of thousands of people already in the country.


A Sanctuary City Movement Is Beginning In Europe

Mayors of several large Italian cities are vowing to defy a new “security decree” with measures targeting migrants in the country.

Abortion In Italy Is Legal, But So Is A Doctor Refusing To Perform One. This Gynecologist Wants To Make Hospitals Safer For All Women.

Silvana Agatone says she’s regarded as an “evildoer” for trying to protect women’s access to safe and legal abortions.

Six People Were Killed In A Stampede At An Italian Nightclub

“What was supposed to be a joyful event, a concert, turned into tragedy,” Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said.


I'm Sure You Have 15 Million Things To Do, But Here Are 21 Quizzes To Take

Here are some of our fave Community quizzes of the week!

HBO’s “My Brilliant Friend” Shows The Life-And-Death Stakes Of Elena Ferrante’s Novel

As a reader, it’s easy to gloss over the violence and chaos in Ferrante’s story of two girls growing up in mid-century Naples. Onscreen, it’s much more urgent.

The US Is Lobbying Italy Not To Drop Russia Sanctions, But It's Unclear If Trump Knows

The US is concerned that Italy's populist and Kremlin-leaning government could drop its support for the measures.


39 Italy Travel Tips From People Who've Actually Been There

What to do, where to go, and most importantly, what to EAT.

This Small Town Was Once A Progressive Fairy Tale. But In 2018, It’s Living A Far-Right Nightmare.

A crumbling medieval village was rebuilt by a mayor who welcomed immigrants with open arms. That’s made him a target of Italy’s populist government, and a reluctant hero of the left.

ベネチア、過去10年で最悪の洪水 街の4分の3が冠水に



What Are Your Best Tips And Recommendations For Visiting Italy?

And yes, this includes food recommendations.

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