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Meet The Trump Administration’s Man In Palestine

Ashraf al-Jabari is a little-known businessperson projecting a lot of power. He’s also the only Palestinian, so far, set to attend a Jared Kushner–organized conference in Bahrain.

Donald Trump’s Newest Way To Divide Democrats: Israel

The president, who has taken to calling the Democratic Party “anti-Jewish,” used a meeting with Israel’s prime minister as an opportunity to tie himself even tighter to the country.

Ilhan Omar Is Learning The Wrong Lesson From The Trump Era

All those insults and vulgarities and rants and racisms piled up to produce a historically bad president. They mattered. And it's a dynamic the new generation of progressive leaders should learn from.

Meet Brazil’s Version Of Donald Trump Jr.

Eduardo Bolsonaro, son of the incoming president, has a mix of Trump Jr.’s family loyalty and Jared Kushner’s policy sway, as seen in his recent visit to Washington.

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