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Islamic State

Dozens of Western idealists have snuck into northern Syria to take on ISIS in Raqqa, but some US officials consider them a potentially dangerous nuisance.

A senior State Department official tells BuzzFeed News that the US has raised “strong concerns” to senior Turkish officials after a report details the location and numbers of US troops in Syria.

The Iraqi government's declaration that ISIS had been expelled from Iraq goes against both the current situation on the ground in Mosul and the experience other Iraqi cities freed have gone through.

The Conservatives have said they will give more money to the Prevent programme but critics argue it doesn't work, because it's toxic and can't be rescued.

ISIS did not appear to play a direct role in the attack, but the FBI said the student who injured 11 people Monday may have been inspired by the terror group.

The teenagers were apprehended the day before their HSC exams began.

A US service member was killed during a mission against a offshoot of ISIS in Afghanistan, where the Pentagon continues to insist troops aren't in combat.

Officials tell BuzzFeed News there are no plans to detain captured ISIS fighters for the long-term, and no one's quite sure who should be interrogating them.

Abdul Malik Abdul Kareem was convicted of providing financial support and weapons to two men who attacked a Prophet Muhammad drawing contest last year.

Filippo Calcagno and Gino Pollicardo were rescued by local fighters in Libya seven months after they were taken hostage by the terrorist group.

Marlin Stivani Nivarlain was rescued by Iraqi/Kurdish counterterrorism forces near the ISIS-controlled city of Mosul.

Sevdet Besim is accused of plotting a terror attack in Melbourne last year.

The man who shot Officer Jesse Hartnett multiple times Thursday night confessed to committing the act in the name of Islam, police said.

Ramadi has been under Islamic State control since May, when Iraqi forces withdrew following an onslaught.

Fear and horror are the jihadi group’s main ideological and battlefield tools. Those confronting the group daily discuss how to fight it — and how not to.

BuzzFeed News reporter Joshua Hersh is reporting from Brussels; the BuzzFeed France team are in Paris.

A multimillion-dollar deal with a minuscule arms dealer led to the death of a US citizen, delays in arming Syrian rebels, and the purchase of weapons from a pro-Russia dictatorship — all for a pile of defective 30-year-old weapons.

Warning: Viewers may find some of these images disturbing.

During a security forum Wednesday, FBI Director James Comey described ISIS as more dangerous than the terror group that carried out the 9/11 attacks.

A 23-year-old Massachusetts man who supported ISIS and wanted to carry out a terrorist attack has been charged with federal firearms offenses.

Here are the most impactful, sorrowful, and beautiful pictures from the past week. Enjoy the weekend!

Keith Broomfield, 36, was killed while fighting alongside Kurdish forces, the State Department confirmed.

Issues of Dabiq were retailing for $26 in the U.S. Saturday and were also available on at least some of Amazon's European sites. The listing was later taken down.

Three suicide bombers targeted a police base in Anbar province, killing at least 30 Iraqi security forces and wounding more than 40.

The extremist group said it was behind the attack on a Shiite mosque in Dammam which killed four people.

The former Arkansas governor's new video features footage of men filmed just before their execution by ISIS.

"I saw this as part of my jihad for Islam."

A new video produced by ISIS media uses logos similar to the UK's NHS in order to attract new recruits from abroad.

Neil Prakash, who goes by the name Abu Khaled al-Cambodi, may have been in contact with a group of Melbourne men arrested last week for plotting to attack ANZAC Day celebrations.

Teens were in 'direct contact' with Australian fighting for IS.

Keonna Thomas has been charged with "attempting to provide material support and resources" to ISIS after the FBI found a number of Tweets and e-mails referencing her allegiance to the Islamic State.

A video posted online Tuesday by ISIS militants purports to show a young boy shooting 19-year-old Muhammad Said Ismail Musallam in the head.

He also claims to have witnessed Mohammed Emwazi, aka "Jihadi John", killing the Japanese hostage Kenji Goto.

The Combined Joint Task Force forced the extremist group out of Al Baghdadi, Iraq, and seven nearby villages, officials reported Friday.

How a teenager from west London became the world's most notorious killer.

The Kurdish forces the U.S. relies on in Iraq fear the very Iraqis the U.S. needs them to save.

The video was released Saturday and shows the fighters paraded in cages. It concludes by saying the men were executed.

The State Department on Friday apparently decided it was a good idea to ask social media users how to defeat "violent extremism."

The three teenagers boarded a plane from Gatwick airport to Istanbul last week. This post has been updated with the police's statement on the girls entering Syria.

In the past month, the release of propaganda photos and articles in ISIS's official magazine indicate the group is stepping up its campaign against men accused of homosexuality and other so-called "sexual deviants." Warning: Graphic images.

Mullah Abdul Rauf, a former Taliban commander and detainee at Guantanamo Bay, was reportedly killed in a drone strike in Afghanistan, local officials told media outlets.

A new U.N. report lists an array of atrocities committed against children in Iraq. The report comes just a day after ISIS released its most horrific execution video.

The men were allegedly part of a network training terrorists to fight in Iraq and Syria.

The video, apparently released by ISIS, comes after the group tried to secure the release of a convicted terrorist in Jordan in exchange for Goto's freedom.

Abu Malik worked in one of Saddam Hussein's chemical weapons facilities before joining ISIS.

The failed suicide bomber has been out of the public eye for eight years, so why is ISIS demanding she be released now?

Kurdish forces said Monday they regained control of the Syrian border town from the Islamic State militants.

The Japanese government has still yet to publicly confirm the video's authenticity.

Shannon Conley was arrested at Denver International Airport in April where she was bound for the Syria–Turkey border.

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