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The study looked at 225 terrorism cases. ISIS recruits from France and the United Kingdom often had been in prison before joining the terrorist group.

Samantha Elhassani, who said she was raped and abused in Syria, is in a US jail. Her four children are in government custody. And her husband was killed in an airstrike.

According to Valor Media, the employee who created the tweet was an art student who had never heard of James Foley and thought the image — a screenshot of his execution video moments before his death — was from a movie.

A court filing from the Justice Department said the dual Saudi-American citizen would be released in a town or outside a displaced persons camp.

The numbers in two recent reports show a slow backslide in Iraq and Afghanistan despite almost two decades of US involvement.

Khamzat Azimov vowed allegiance to ISIS before the Paris knife attack that killed one person over the weekend.

Someone actually thought this would be a good idea.

The USB drive with the names and addresses of police officers was in the possession of a woman who knew the ISIS killer of a police couple.

Details of an ISIS resurgence come two weeks after the president said he wanted to bring US troops home from Syria — a pronouncement that set off alarms at the Pentagon.


The black flag of ISIS may no longer be flying in cities across Iraq, but militant groups are rebuilding and present a very real threat to the country’s stability. One such group — known as the White Flags — has built itself a mountain stronghold from which to launch its attacks.

British officials confirmed one of the dead was theirs, and the other was believed to be an American. But the Pentagon declined to confirm that.

The foreperson of the jury said jurors were "convinced" Salman knew what Mateen was planning to do.

Police say the homemade bomb could have caused "significant injury or death" if other students at the Utah school hadn't spotted it and reported it to authorities.

On a hunch, a Belgian newspaper reporter cross-checked the names of known terrorists with a list from Turkish customs of people who brought vehicles into Turkey and did not drive them out.

“We ask the media and the public and all responsible entities not to aid these terrorists in recruiting efforts by viewing or bringing to attention these images, these videos. You are complicit in amplifying ISIS propaganda if you do that."

A young father of two has been repeatedly arrested in Tunisia for being a member of ISIS, despite his innocence. His case is typical of the Middle East and North Africa, where thousands of men are caught up in legally dubious dragnets.

In a rare interview with a Western journalist, a security official reveals how Turkey has been taking on militants, and – for now at least – winning.

Forty-four are in a government program that houses and educates them and is evaluating them for extremist beliefs or trauma. But government officials say the program is inadequate.

Two members of the notorious ISIS cell known as the "Beatles", first unmasked by BuzzFeed News, have been captured in Syria.

Authorities are worried that family members also believe in radical ideologies.

The US military’s top enlisted leader warned #ISIS_SurrenderOrDie, or face death via "dropping bombs on them, shooting them in the face, or beating them to death with our entrenching tools."

From ISIS's apparent defeat to nationalism's resurgence to women's voices finally being heard as they said "me too," the world seemed more turbulent than ever in 2017. BuzzFeed World was there.

Most died in Afghanistan, the US's longest-running war, but the first casualty of Trump's term came in Yemen.

Everitt Aaron Jameson allegedly told an undercover FBI agent he didn't need an escape plan in his Christmas-week attack because he was willing to die.

US officials say most of ISIS fighters have died on the battlefield. Smugglers along the Syria-Turkey border say many have escaped.

2017 may have been a shit year overall, but it was a great year for literature.

A new report on how ISIS built its arsenal highlights how the US purchased munitions, intended for Syrian rebels, that ended up in the hands of the terrorist group.

Inside one of the world’s dirtiest banks, confidential files expose Kremlin connections to a network of shadowy people fronting for Syria's chemical weapons programme, ISIS, and organised crime.

Federal prosecutors in New York have charged Akayed Ullah with terrorism following the attack on the NYC subway.

"Our enemy wanted to kill our civilization, but we have won through our unity and our determination," said Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi.

The worst military fiasco under the Trump administration — in which four US soldiers were killed alongside four Nigeriens by Islamist militants — was the result of reckless behavior by US Special Forces.

After an attack that killed more than 300 people gathered for prayers, Egyptians are grappling with their new reality as the army, ISIS, and other radicals battle in the Sinai Peninsula.

All had used false identities to claim refugee status in Germany, authorities said.

ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood are going to war inside Egypt’s prisons as the two groups fight for fresh recruits.

If the International Criminal Court takes the case, it would be the first time persecuting LGBT people would be tried as a crime against humanity.

The US-led coalition fighting ISIS has admitted responsibility for the deaths of 36 civilians in three military strikes in Mosul after they were detailed in a BuzzFeed News investigation.

Eight people were killed Tuesday when a suspected terrorist drove a rental truck into a bike path in lower Manhattan. The victims included five Argentines, two Americans, and one Belgian.

The worries European authorities once had about the impact of returning ISIS fighters have been overshadowed by the sheer number of locally generated incidents.

Local officials disagree that the US-Nigerien patrol wouldn't encounter enemies. “This is an area where there are more of them (jihadists) than us," Niger's interior minister said.

"You didn't shut her up and you didn't shut Manchester up because she's singing 'Bang Bang,'" said Michael Enright, who appeared in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest.

Experts have warned for years that US-backed Iraqi forces and US-backed Kurdish forces will turn against one another once the war on ISIS ends. Now the time has come.

A former Obama administration official called the statement "a fucking lie."

Incirlik Air Base has been Turkey's leverage in a growing list of disputes with the United States. But some former US military officers argue it's not needed anymore.

The deaths are the first known casualties of American forces in Niger, where the US is conducting train and assist operations.

Experts say the group is trying to counter its diminished status by playing up its reputation to its remaining followers.

The suspect, reportedly a Somali man in his thirties, is now in custody.

The recording is the first alleged audio message from the reclusive ISIS leader since November 2016.

In August, the US dropped 10 times more bombs on ISIS's de facto capital in Syria than it did in Afghanistan, according to the monitoring group Airwars.

The deputy commander of US-led operation to defeat ISIS in Iraq told BuzzFeed News the militant group will be defeated once it can no longer stage coordinated attacks.

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