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Is This An Ad

Influencers promoted the vodka without disclosing they were paid, according to Truth In Advertising.

Royal Caribbean cruises and Subway sandwiches play a big part in the latest two Netflix movies. Are they ads?

“We’d love to host you. Would you be able to guarantee a post on your feed as well as Stories?”

"I really love my Tesla. I'm in the future. Thank you Elon."

Was this poster about a guy who made a sculpture of his girlfriend out of Soylent for real?

The fashion designer proposed with a flash mob...inside a Chipotle. #Ad?

After BuzzFeed News asked if this was an ad, Minaj deleted the caption on her Instagram.

Does she just happen to be wearing that Calvin Klein bra — or is it part of an upcoming ad campaign?

Data on top influencers shows they’ve been posting less and less on Snapchat in the last six months.

That “tag a Sponsor” thing on Facebook doesn’t cut it, according to the FTC.

21 celebrities just received serious letters warning them about undisclosed #sponsored posts.


Louise Linton tagged a bunch of luxury brands, and then got in a messy fight with a commenter.

The Federal Trade Commission recently went after 47 celebrities and brands for violating its rules on sponsored Instagrams. But many of them weren't even actually ads.

A consumer advocacy group wants the FTC to do something it has never done before — go after individuals for shady #spon.

"This is a first step in a journey," said Instagram.

According to a new report that looked at how many ads the top 50 Instagram celebrities do, and how many don’t actually say #ad.

I genuinely guessed wrong about this one.

The FTC just sent 90 letters to celebs and brands reminding them of the rules.

The mystery case of the viral dog and the brands.

The Hamilton star’s weird interview on an investment bank’s website has a backstory. Spoiler: good causes are involved.

Bend the FTC rules like Beckham?

What happens when a tweet is not #sponsored, but your followers assume it is?

We get answers.

Was the The Mindy Project star paid to post an Instagram about a mattress startup? We get to the bottom of it.

Why won’t Burger King admit whether or not it paid Kim Kardashian’s friend to Instagram about a burger?

The group Truth in Advertising has filed an official complaint saying members of the Kardashian/Jenner family engage in deceptive advertising practices on social media. If the FTC acts on the complaint, the sisters — or the company whose products they're selling — could be fined.

Was she paid to post about the ultra-swanky rental she stayed at?

Is she shilling for juice, or juicing just for thrills?

What's the deal with his Instagram about taking a Lyft to the Hamptons?


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