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Interspecies Cuddling

This comic tells the adorable true story of writer Blair Braverman's sled dog, Flame, and how she learned to love baby chickens instead of eating them.



2012: The year when species, great and small, finally decided that love > hate. May they be an inspiration to us all.

I don't know the back-story behind these dog and meerkat besties, and I think I'm okay with that. Just 22 seconds of weird, wonderful interspecies cuddling bliss.

Cutest video you will see today!

This is some quality interspecies cuddling.


This is obviously a video transmisson from heaven, right?

A Reddit user posted these pictures and wrote "this little squirrel keeps coming in through the doggy door to hang out with my cat." Ahhhhh!

Zoo babies turning the cute scale up to 11. Can't even handle this.

These critters aren't as easily embarrassed as the Obamas -- as soon as the Kiss Cam cameras rolled their way, they went to town. Beware: public displays of adorable-ness!

Maybe we don't have to choose after all. Feel free to employ your mute button, this video is a lot cuter without the little kid singing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star"

According to their Australian owner, Xena the miniature pig and and Jazz the Quaker parrot are like brother and sister. They don't look related to me, but obviously they have a lot in common: they're both adorable.

The interspecies friendship cute-o-meter just exploded. All the other interspecies friendships can call it quits, it's all over.

He doesn't know he's different, he just wants to cuddle with his friends.

Sloths don't see number of toes, they know it's what's inside that counts.

May this serve as inspiration for feline/rodent relations worldwide.

This Chick has found a nice warm place to sleep under Oscar!

This chick has got Oscar sussed when it comes to snuggling up to his armpit.

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