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Interspecies Love

This Remarkable Dog Became A Dad To A Litter Of Orphaned Cheetah Cubs

An Australian shepherd has been cuddling with a litter of cheetah babies after their mother died weeks after giving birth through a rare cesarian section at the Cincinnati Zoo.

28 Dogs And Cats Proving That Love Conquers All

You'll never be able to answer whether you're a cat or a dog person again.

Meet Butterfly The Geep, An Extremely Rare Goat-Sheep Hybrid Born In Arizona

A male goat and a female sheep created Butterfly, who has a goat face and feet, but is covered in wool.

Woman Reveals She Had A Sexual Relationship With A Dolphin

"It was very precious. It was very gentle," Margaret Howe says of the relationship she had with Peter, a bottlenose dolphin.

The 21 Most Touching Interspecies Friendships You Never Thought Possible

If you think you've seen every interspecies friendship, think again. In her new book, "One Big Happy Family," Lisa Rogak collects the pictures and stories of 50 different interspecies friendships that are bound to brighten your outlook on the world. Here's a sneak peek!

Corgi Finds Love In A Hopeless Place

This Reddit thread recounts a magical encounter between a corgi and a bunny.

Forbidden Love Story Has A Happy Ending

A doomed interspecies love affair is given new hope thanks to the intervention of caring neighbors. So poignant. (Thanks, Mary and Victoria!)


The 30 Most Inspiring Interspecies Friendships Of The Year

2012: The year when species, great and small, finally decided that love > hate. May they be an inspiration to us all.

Wild Cat And Fox Are Best Friends

...or are they? JK, they totally are.

Cat And Guinea Pig BFFs

We take a very short break from our continuing hedgehog coverage to bring you this cat and guinea pig who are best friends. They are called Skitty and Bagel, and they love each other very much. (via

Just A Dog Hugging A Goat

Who are you to judge their love?

A Horse And A Dog K-I-S-S-I-N-G

True love transcends species.


Orange Kitten In Love With A Tubby Puppy

This is obviously a video transmisson from heaven, right?

Dalmatian Dog Adopts An Adorable Spotted Lamb

John and Julie Bolton's black and white spotted lamb was orphaned, but luckily their dalmation was feeling generous. "It doesn't matter how old you get -- if this sort of thing doesn't make you feel good when you see it, well, I hope never to get that old." Indeed.

This Baby Squirrel Really Likes Hanging Out With This Kitten

A Reddit user posted these pictures and wrote "this little squirrel keeps coming in through the doggy door to hang out with my cat." Ahhhhh!

A Baby Rhesus Monkey And His Tiger Cub Friend

Zoo babies turning the cute scale up to 11. Can't even handle this.

20 Animal Couples Making Out On The Kiss Cam

These critters aren't as easily embarrassed as the Obamas -- as soon as the Kiss Cam cameras rolled their way, they went to town. Beware: public displays of adorable-ness!


Baby Chimp Adopted By Dog

A zoo employee cared for this baby chimp after its mother died, but never expected that her dog would end up raising the chimp as one of her own. No word yet on whether it has been taught to bark!

The Humpy Awards, A Dog Humping Competition

This is certainly a different kind of agility competition.

Dolphin Kisses Dog And Jumps For Joy

When a dolphin loves a dog, he can do no wrong.

Lion Cub Is Best Friends With Dog And Rabbit

Simba the lion cub, Monty the dog and Thumper the rabbit are best playmates.

Rescue Cat Infatuated With Dog

I wish that cats and dogs spoke English so I could be like, "Get a room, you perverts." (More on these guys and their adventures in PDA here.)

Cat And Dog Best Friends

The thing that is important to note about these guys is that they are each others' best friends in the whole wide world. Which is cute. Their names are Murkin and Ginger. (Tangential PSA: Feel free to Google image "Murkin," but don't Google image "Merkin.")

Dog Befriends Rescued Piglet

Another day, another heartwarming story about a dog who uses the power of love to save the life of a piglet destined for the slaughterhouse.

The Animal Matrix

A glorious video matrix by Philip Bump depicting every interspecies relationship that YouTube has to offer. Click through and lose yourself in a world where the dolphin lies down with the horse. And a little goat shall lead them all.

Rottweiler Love

Cows are obviously good judges of character. Rotties have a bad reputation, but it's really uncalled for.

Parrot Mistakes Kitten For Horse

That's one determined parrot and one bewildered kitty.

Puppies Vs. Ducklings

Adorable Australian shepherd puppies hone their herding skills on some stubborn ducklings. Squee factor is fairly high on this one, so be careful.

Chick On A Cat Part 2!

This bold baby chick is using Oscar the Cat as a hot water bottle! Part 1 of their unlikely friendship here.

Camouflaged Chick

There is a baby chicken in this picture. He's a day old, and when he escaped, I feared the worst once I saw the cat was in the same room. But this ended up working itself out just fine.

A Bear Cub Playing With A Dog

This bear cub wandered into a Slovenian farm and befriended Aijka the dog. Best buds instantly.

The Cutest Cuddle Puddle You'll See Today

I don't know about you guys, but my stress level just dropped by about 20%.

Interspecies Cuddle Puddle

Luke the orange tabby and Tally the beagle-mix are obviously devoted to each other.

Cat Massages Dog

A rare, consensual interspecies massage. As long as everyone's having a good time, I see nothing wrong with this...

French Bulldog Loves NYPD Police Horse

Be still my beating heart.

This Puppy And Duckling Are BFFs

If you can't be with the one you love, honey, love the one you're with. If a puppy and a duckling can get along, why can't we?

Dog Headband

The fall fashion for all the "it" dogs.

Man Details His 9-month Sexual Relationship With A Dolphin

No really, this guy wrote a book about his love and sex with a dolphin. In an interview he also claims that 15% of people have sex with animals.

BFFs: Cat And Giant Beetle

This isn't weird at all.

Your Daily Dose Of Interspecies Love

You may need to check your blood sugar after watching this.

Here's A Naked Alpaca Who Loves Kittens

I'm just gonna leave this here.

Bulldog/Teddy Bear Love

Is it inter-species if the bear is stuffed?

Forbidden Love

Who is this kitty hugging?


Cat And Owl Playing

This is equal parts badass and adorable.

Pervert Rabbit

It’s against nature, but kudos for your bravery little bunny.


The Cutest Interspecies Animal Friendships

Fuck Yeah, Interspecies Friendships is my new favorite tumblr. These pictures will make your heart melt! If these animals can learn to love each other, then why can't we humans?

Man-Lion Cuddle Sesh

Steve spends some time canoodling with Tonka, a male Barbary lion cub.

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