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Interspecies Love

Puppy Playing With Fawn

Take a minute and watch this baby dog playing with a baby deer.

Dog Walks Horse On Leash

If this little guy had an Indian name, it would be Tiny Walksahorse. Because he's tiny and he walks a horse.


Parrot Massages Cat's Head

a journey of mutual self-discovery is ahead for these two...

Dog Nurses Tigers

In perhaps the most heartwarming story ever, these tiger triplets are being nursed by a surprisingly relaxed looking Chinese mutt.

Fat Cat With Bunnies

Cute video with a cat holding bunnies.

Animal Threesome!! Hipster Edition

Whoever drew this artwork is obviously a genius.

Cat Hugs Bunny

A Cat hugging a white bunny, so cute!

Monkey Feeds Tiger

If you always though that chimps and tigers would never be able to put aside their differences and break bread together you were wrong. Dead wrong.


Cat With Baby Possums

Mama cat carries cute baby possums around on its back.

Puppy, Newly Hatched

That is one confused-looking chicken.

Cow and Dolphin

Here's your interspecies friends photo of the day!


Bulldog Kisses Orangutan (With Tongue)

Bugsy the bulldog lives at a zoo in England, where he adopts new animals and dotes on them until they're ready for the public.

All Together Now...



Cat Cleans Fox

Here's a cat giving a fox a bath.


Opposites Attract

Either these two are best friends or that dog is going to work down that cat like an ice cream cone.

Forbidden Love

Disgusting. True love is between a man and a woman of the same species. This is against nature and God.


Dolphin Kisses Dog

Cutest interspecies love ever?


Dinosaurs F*cking Robots

If you're one of those people who think that dinosaurs and robots should get together more often, Dinosaurs Fucking Robots is the perfect Tumblelog for you.


Cat Adopts Baby Squirrels

This starts off pretty well, but it ends up a little ominously.

A Rat On a Cat On a Dog: The Movie

Finally, an explanation for this picture has surfaced. Surprisingly, it has nothing to do with Obama. Some guy from Colorado apparently trained them to love/tolerate one another, "just to prove a point." Now he parades his unlikely animal pyramid around on the streets for everyone's enjoyment. (Via The Unusual Times.)

Cat With Rat Stalkers

This video of a cat and her two devoted rat stalkers is a newcomer on the interspecies love scene, but I think it could quickly come to be known as one of the great contributions to the genre. (Via.)

Dog and Elephant BFF Video

Awesome video that will make your day!

Doggie Date Rape

A tragic and disturbing violation of the trust that's supposed to exist between a man and his 'best friend'. (Via.)


People adopt monkeys and treat them like children.

Cats n' Racks

Cute Overload has an entire category of posts entitled "Cats n' Racks."

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