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Interspecies Love

Capybara Enjoys Massage From A Tapir

Aww, a capybara (a gigantic South-American rodent) gets nuzzled by Gonzo.

Bouncy Sheep Plays With Happy Dog

Interspecies love at its finest.

Pony Loves Cat

It starts out kind of awkward, since it's a blind date and all.

Vegetarian Cat

This did not go exactly as expected. You probably shouldn't hire this cat if you're looking for a good mouser.

Cat Loves Llama

I mean, who wouldn't want to dig their paws into that llama's soft, furry back? Amirite?

Bear Vs. Cat

All bets are in. The fight is on! [Ed. note: It's more like rough cuddling that the cat wants no part of.]

Dolphin Rape!

Meet the crotch sniffing, rape-attempting dolphin from East Caicos. He seems nice.


Dog Breastfeeds Cat

Interspecies love at its finest.

Cat Eats Dog's Ear

Dog leaves. The cycle of life continues.


Dog Plays Fetch With Raven

An unlikely duo find a common ground with the game of fetch. It's love.

19 Candid Photos of Dogs and Cats

They can be more than friends...


Squirrel Learns To Purr

A risky move in placing a newborn squirrel with kittens to see if the mother cat accepts it as her own pays off.

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner

Another species barrier broken forever. (Via Turtlefeed!)

Monkey Kisses Cat

Is this monkey love, or the newest installment in Inter-species softcore porn? Either way, it's just so damn cute.

Love Attack!

Cat/Dog threesome. So much love.

The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog (Really!)

Every letter on God's keyboard was working that day. This is an oldie but a goody...panagrams have never been more adorable.

Cats Heart Deer, Deer Heart Cats

An ultimate collection celebrating the forbidden love affair between these unlikely companions in cuteness. via

The Elephant And The Dog

Best friends forever.

Cute Pictures of Interspecies Love

Love has no cute boundaries.


Cephalopods In Love

I found this video through someone who subscribed to our YouTube channel. I think it's pretty much the cutest.


Cat Gives Birth To Dog

A woman in Georgia (the country, though it could really go either way with this story) claims that her cat gave birth to a puppy.

Cats Vs. Deer

A story of hate, love, and detente. Let's face it, cats and deer tend to have pretty complicated relationships. (Via.)


This Gorilla Reunion Will Make You Cry

Conservationist Damian Aspinall searched for a gorilla named Kwibi he bonded with five years ago during a program to re-introduce animals back into the wild.

Kitty Vs. Parrot

I almost had a cuteness attack! [Ed. note: Spoiler: This ends with the parrot parakeet locking up her "friend" in a wooden cage, presumably permanently. It's cute up until then though.]

Slow and Steady...

When Aesop said the hare was lazy, I didn't quite get how lazy until just now.

Dog Plays Ball With a Deer

A dog plays footy with a deer. A collective "awwwww" heard worldwide.

OMG Cat Remix

Now we know what OMG cat was seeing when he was making that face.

Turtlephobic Dog

The turtle's secret? Every time he's close enough, he blows a teeny tiny dog whistle.


Cats and Turtles: A Video Tribute

Someone with far more time than I have scoured the 'net for pictures of cat and turtle (or tortoise) love and turned it into a music video.

Turtles & Friends

My recent post about the penguin and turtle inspired me to put together a collection of turtles hanging out with other animals. As you can see, turtles are a pretty friendly bunch.

Unlikely Friends

A turtle and a penguin together is just all kinds of awesome.


Horses And Cats!

Just a bunch of horses and cats chilling the fuck out and having themselves a time.

Silly Squirrel, You're Not a Kitten!

In what is surely a sign of the end of days, a rescued squirrel seems to think itself a kitten. So cute! So wrong! So weird!

Best Friends Forever

Never before in my life have I wished so hard that an image was not photoshopped. Please, please, please let this be real. Interspecies friendship FTW!

Pac-Man Mutant Hugs Narwhal Thing

I'm only posting this because if it goes front page the tag words are going to be fascinating.


Kitty Foot Fetish

Claw fondling and beak nuzzling are abound in this cute video.


What Is Love?

This is love.


Tiny Baby Goat

I'm not sure people should be keeping goats as pets, but look at him go!!! Also, he's friends with the cat, which is a winner in my book. (Via.)


Just, you know, going over to his buddy's house to see if he wants to play.


The Orangutan & The Hound

During one of his walks, Suri the orangutan happens upon Rosco the hound dog. And from the moment their eyes met, those two guys became inseparable. It's a magical interspecies carpet ride through eternal love and friendship, you guys!


Dog Guards a Baby Chick

Aww! It's the possessive-boyfriend dog.


Crow Adopts Kitten

This is an amazing Internet classic that was recommended by CuteFeed Fan Rachel K.

A Whole New Meaning to Deer Mounting

Seriously, I don't understand how this deer could even get horny with all those antlers of it's relatives behind it. That's just creepy.

Monkey Rides on Dog

Watch a monkey attach itself to the underbelly of a furry white dog and ride around.


The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog

Typography nerds and lovers of interspecies friends can come together in appreciation of this video.


Dolphins Taunt Liger Cub

Okay, they're not really bullying the six-week-old lion/tiger mix, although he sure does look scared.


Hot Makeout Sessions

It's firmly Monday morning so I don't really have words to describe this yet.


Deer Licks Cat

This might be the happiest cat I have ever seen. [Via CuteOverload]


Badger and Otter - BFF

I always knew that otters were adorable but who knew that baby badgers could be so cute! I guess it goes to show that no matter how deadly the animal, at one time they were soft and cuddly. (via)


Raccoon and Beagle Playtime!

Yes, that would be a beagle leaning in for a peck on the snout from his raccoon buddy.

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