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Interspecies Love

Cat And Guinea Pig BFFs

We take a very short break from our continuing hedgehog coverage to bring you this cat and guinea pig who are best friends. They are called Skitty and Bagel, and they love each other very much. (via

Dalmatian Dog Adopts An Adorable Spotted Lamb

John and Julie Bolton's black and white spotted lamb was orphaned, but luckily their dalmation was feeling generous. "It doesn't matter how old you get -- if this sort of thing doesn't make you feel good when you see it, well, I hope never to get that old." Indeed.

Cat And Dog Best Friends

The thing that is important to note about these guys is that they are each others' best friends in the whole wide world. Which is cute. Their names are Murkin and Ginger. (Tangential PSA: Feel free to Google image "Murkin," but don't Google image "Merkin.")

Dog Befriends Rescued Piglet

Another day, another heartwarming story about a dog who uses the power of love to save the life of a piglet destined for the slaughterhouse.

The Animal Matrix

A glorious video matrix by Philip Bump depicting every interspecies relationship that YouTube has to offer. Click through and lose yourself in a world where the dolphin lies down with the horse. And a little goat shall lead them all.

Pony Loves Cat

It starts out kind of awkward, since it's a blind date and all.


This Gorilla Reunion Will Make You Cry

Conservationist Damian Aspinall searched for a gorilla named Kwibi he bonded with five years ago during a program to re-introduce animals back into the wild.


Kitty Foot Fetish

Claw fondling and beak nuzzling are abound in this cute video.


What Is Love?

This is love.


Tiny Baby Goat

I'm not sure people should be keeping goats as pets, but look at him go!!! Also, he's friends with the cat, which is a winner in my book. (Via.)

Monkey Rides on Dog

Watch a monkey attach itself to the underbelly of a furry white dog and ride around.


Dolphins Taunt Liger Cub

Okay, they're not really bullying the six-week-old lion/tiger mix, although he sure does look scared.


Hot Makeout Sessions

It's firmly Monday morning so I don't really have words to describe this yet.


Raccoon and Beagle Playtime!

Yes, that would be a beagle leaning in for a peck on the snout from his raccoon buddy.

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