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Installation Art


Sculpture Made Out Of 10,000 Flip Flops

The Fat Monkey, or Macaco Gordo, was designed by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman, in Sao Paulo Brazil. With the help of local art students, the inflatable base is covered in 10,000 flip flops and is over 45-feet-long. (via)

Ran Hwang: Made of Buttons and Pins

Korean-born artist Ran Hwang's installations are made of common objects like buttons, pins, thread, and wire. For more pics and info, hit this link.

Mark Jenkins' Embed Series

Mark Jenkins creates life-size sculptures out of tape covered in clothes that he places in various positions in urban environments. They give off the illusion that they are literally embedded in their surrounding environment. Click through for more pics and video.


Living Paintings

Similar to the Makeup Girl photograph that made the rounds of the Internet a couple of weeks ago, Alexa Meade's bodypainted models are a stunning exercise in artistic illusion. Reverse trompe l'oeil? (Via The Swedish Bed)

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