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* prints and tapes to fridge *

You'll be a pro in no time.

Everything you need to enjoy the holidays.

Because going to work should be a lot less work.

Whether it's tips on how to eat healthier, work out more, or just be kinder to yourself.

No more excuses.

AKA 31 posters that don't include the words "Keep Calm."


Your shared lives...visualized.

Your sweet tooth can thank us later.

Get ready to be a meat genius.

Knowledge is power: the power to eat more cheese.

♫ Shots, shots, shots, shots shot shots ♫

Book and wine pairings? Yes please!


Up your style game — the easy way.


Whether you're the next Martha or a total beginner.

The struggle is real lazy.


Interior design cheat sheets FTW.

Including easy ingredient substitutions, basic knife skills, meat marinating times, and more.

This infographic compares life in the two cities.

Plus Amy Poehler stole Seth Meyers's credit card, an easy infographic to make sure you're running properly, and the final mock draft before the 2014 NFL Draft begins tonight.

Almost every product you use is owned by the same ten corporations.


Here you'll find 9 quotes retold as infographics. How well do you know your Friends?

According to these gems on OkTrends from 2011, exercising means better orgasms and Twitter means shorter relationships.

Plus the nine most beautiful banknotes in the world, why the British stopped hunting UFOs, man and cat swimming to safety, and a pet capybara named Gary.

Helen Tseng was doing God's work at the Bold Italic when she put together this "How To Ride An Escalator" inforgraphic. Please share. Make the world a better place.

Not sure if this is a helpful way to organize things in your kitchen or in your mind, but it looks really cool.


Meth will basically turn you into a zombie.

Romney voters prefer golf; Obama supporters like the Sims. Using data from its Trendsetter app, Engage analyzed “likes” from thousands of Facebook users to tie consumer choices to political preference and engagement.


Have you ever felt like the internet was just kind of "blah" today? We have too. So we did an experiment, and the results are pretty neat. Turns out yes, BuzzFeed's community can get pretty moody sometimes.

Advertising agency Wing created this amazing infographic campaign for the New York International Latino Film Festival. Hey dudes: we demand posters!

Being such a popular app, here are some things to look for for in your friends or maybe even yourself -- so that one can be told they are taking a nice idea and wearing it out fast.

An infographic guide to the perfect bracket. And more sports-ball stuff.

Pro Tip: Don't share this on Facebook if you are friends with your family on Facebook.


A highly statistical and methodically researched analysis of your Thanksgiving--complete with festive colors.


Ben Douglass did up this fun art of a bunch of your favorite (and least favorite) vampires. I can say I do know who each of these are. Do you? (via The Uniblog)

Who needs anything else when you have Pokémon and caffeine?

All the musical acts that influence Lady Gaga's work.

Check out this cool visualization of the history of Graffiti and Street Art.

This infographic by Mindflash teaches a couple of specific ways in which your employee management skills can benefit from the ancient trials of Jedi training.

This year's Tour de France begins on 2 July, so you better get educated.

Our eyes are constantly on the future. This graphic by GOOD takes a peek at what 39 years down the road may look like. Click to enlarge.


Statistics reveal that more U.S. states allow cousins to marry than same-sex couples. Also, ew.

And some people actually like Tutti Frutti.

And 50% of these things involve cats.

It's ironic that I'm bemused and literally nonplussed by the enormity of the plethora of the words on this list. Wait - was that redundant or just noisome?

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