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Totally ginius products. The products in this post were updated in October 2017.

Keep calm and get married.

Here comes the *groom*.

The scrolling is strong with this one.

Only 7 of us would go on to complete graduation.

Organized silence.

Because it's important, okay?!

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This post is very timely.

To dessert or not to dessert... Is there any question?

With age comes wisdom... and organization.

These cheesy charts are anything but cheesy!

Are you more of a meat and potatoes person? Or would you rather have a salad?

Head to the top of the class.

Infographic courtesy Information Is Beautiful. Plus three short and relaxing guided meditations to help you get started.

Six decades, one infographic.

Everything you need to know about where and how to store the food in your kitchen.

Who needs sleep? Sleep is for the weak.

The New York Film Academy, which created an insightful infographic about gender inequality in film, has produced one to take a look at race on screen.

Maximise your time.

Spoiler: Steamships took ages.

Link has been around for a long time, folks. It can be tricky to keep up with the little hero's story, so we've made it simple for you! Here's the best part: A new piece of the puzzle — The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds — is available now!

Farmers markets (heck, even supermarkets) are overrun with wild mushrooms this time of year. Wild mushrooms can be intimidating and expensive. They're worth it. But if you’re going to spend $20 on a bag of chanterelles, you should understand how to cook them.

Abandon all hope ye who enter here.

Graphic Designer Nathan Peters has painstakingly illustrated every outfit worn by Breaking Bad's Walter White. It's as geeky and impressive as it sounds, and then some.

In the form of 10 bromances and 10 friendsbians, illustrated by Ryan Casey. You're, like, really welcome.

There have been a few of these infographics. This one is pretty accurate, without being too hyperbolic.

So remember, if someone you love starts wearing black, they're probably cooking meth.

Kate Willaert traced the evolution of Wolverine's many looks from 1974-2013

The folks over at have put together their design thoughts on the best uses for these different typefaces.

There are some things that can't be celebrated enough. One of those things is cheese.

This infographic shows some surprising research on same-sex couples raising children in metro areas. Mississippi has the highest percentage of same-sex couples raising children at 26 percent.

One Giza great pyramid, to start with. That's the number of Lego bricks made since 1958.

This many.

Where it happened, whether someone paid for it, who was naked (spoiler: mostly women), and more. A BuzzFeed original analysis.

This infographic will help you understand what your filter choice is really saying about your personality.

The folks over at AfterEllen have taken on the role of the sorting hat. Complete with appointed head of houses and prefects, wait till you see who made the cut for “she-who-must-not-be-named.”

And it works.

This is the coziest graffiti imaginable.


OK, you won't find true love or make a million dollars by following these charts. But someone's bound to be impressed by your profound knowledge of tea bag–steeping temperatures.


Data visualizations. Infographics. Maps. Information design. No matter how you call it, 2012 was the year data science and design started going steady.

Of course, "affair" would imply consent, something Zeus wasn't a fan of. This interactive infographic shows off how far the king of gods' seed spread throughout Greek mythology.

In one handy chart! Never be crippled with anxiety when using Important Wine Words like "herbal" and "high tannin."

In pretty, pretty infographics!

Follow this chart to see how technology can (maybe! kind of!) help you move things forward with your crush.

Disney now owns Star Wars et al. But do you know who actually owns what? Empire magazine breaks it down.

A graphic designer visualizes the spy's sex life: 50 years, 22 films, 53 women, and 75 implied sexual encounters.

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