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How Underrepresented Are Black People In Film Today?

The New York Film Academy, which created an insightful infographic about gender inequality in film, has produced one to take a look at race on screen.

Every Outfit Walter White Ever Wore On All Five Seasons Of "Breaking Bad"

Graphic Designer Nathan Peters has painstakingly illustrated every outfit worn by Breaking Bad's Walter White. It's as geeky and impressive as it sounds, and then some.

The Evolution Of Wolverine: An Infographic

Kate Willaert traced the evolution of Wolverine's many looks from 1974-2013

The Difference Between Serif And Sans-Serif Explained In One Infographic

The folks over at have put together their design thoughts on the best uses for these different typefaces.

What Your Instagram Filter Says About You

This infographic will help you understand what your filter choice is really saying about your personality.

Every Lesbian & Bisexual TV Character Sorted Into Hogwarts Houses

The folks over at AfterEllen have taken on the role of the sorting hat. Complete with appointed head of houses and prefects, wait till you see who made the cut for “she-who-must-not-be-named.”

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