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In 2018, American Tech Companies Acknowledged The Mess They’d Created In India

Silicon Valley at last conceded this year that things in India and other developing markets were far from rosy.

India Wants Tech Platforms To Break Encryption And Remove Content The Government Thinks Is "Unlawful"

It is not clear whether India will now choose to be a leader in privacy or mass surveillance, sources told BuzzFeed News.

10 Web Series From 2018 You Should Watch And 10 Web Series From 2019 You Should Watch Out For

You've got LOTS to binge till the ones from next year roll in.

20 Crushes Who Made Your Heart Soar In 2018

What a great year it's been for these stars.

12 Hilarious Moments From Diljit Dosanjh And Badshah's "Koffee With Karan" Episode

Probably the best episode this season has seen so far.

A Sexual Abuse Case Is Tearing Apart The Catholic Church In India

A wall of silence surrounds the death of a key witness in a huge rape scandal.



A Teenager Died In A Cyclone After She Was Segregated From Her Family For Getting Her First Period

The 14-year-old was made to sleep away from her family. Then the cyclone hit.

WhatsApp Has Finally Hired A Head For India, The Company’s Largest Market

The instant messaging app has been under fire in India for its role in spreading misinformation that killed at least 29 people this year.

Here's How A Secret Meeting Of Twitter Execs And Indian Activists Caused A Caste Scandal

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and policy boss Vijaya Gadde seemed completely unprepared to deal with caste issues, according to sources.

Women In Mumbai And Los Angeles Swap Mystery Beauty Boxes

Aishwarya and Chantel connect across the continents by making customized beauty boxes for one another.

In The ’70s, A Bunch Of White People Built A Town In India. Today, It’s A Kind Of Paradise.

While urban Indians like me run our own home into the ground, the 50% foreign community of Auroville has turned barren land into a lush forest. For more on this story, watch Follow This on Netflix.

11 Awkward And (Some) Funny Moments From Aamir Khan's Episode On "Koffee With Karan"

He was literally just there to promote "Thugs Of Hindostan" and wasn't hiding it.

Bollywood Needs A Time’s Up Movement. Here’s Why It’s Not Happening Anytime Soon.

India’s #MeToo movement has finally reached cinema — but unlike in Hollywood, the women leading the way aren't household names.

India’s Government Wants WhatsApp To Reveal The Locations And Phone Numbers Of People Using It For Real-World Violence

The government is pressing the instant messenger for traceability after mobs who fell for hoaxes spread through the app resulted in deadly violence.

India Just Unveiled The Tallest Statue In The World To A Very Mixed Reaction

The unveiling of the “Statue of Unity” has been met with protests and memes, and it won’t even be the tallest statue for that long.

With Alexa, Amazon Plans To "Democratize Voice In India." It's Still Day One.

Amazon has big ambitions for Alexa in India, where voice recognition is considered "the next big innovation." But for now, she only speaks English.

An Indian Government Minister Accused Of Sexual Misconduct Has Stepped Down From His Post

MJ Akbar has been accused of sexual misconduct by at least 20 women who worked under him while he was an editor at various publications.

A Journalist Accused A Government Minister Of Harassment. Now He’s Suing Her For Defamation.

M.J. Akbar was an editor with the Asian Age at the time the alleged harassment occurred.

Indian Women Have Faced Abuse And Harassment For Years. Now They Are Naming Names.

Due process has failed Indian victims of sexual assault for years — and now they’re using social media to call out men.

Facebook Will Set Up An Election Task Force In India Ahead Of Major Elections

The US tech company has promised action after experts criticized it for not doing enough to prevent abuse on its platform in key growth markets.

It Took 10 Years For Bollywood To Sit Up And Listen To A Sexual Assault Allegation Against One Of Its Own

Tanushree Dutta left Bollywood 10 years ago, blacklisted by the industry and traumatized by her assault. This week, she returned.

The World’s Largest Biometric Database Is Legal, A Court Just Ruled

However, a panel of five judges also imposed restrictions on key aspects of the controversial Aadhaar program.

WhatsApp Has Appointed Someone To Handle Complaints From Indian Users After It Was Blamed For Fueling Violence

Indian law requires tech companies operating in the country to have a grievance officer, but despite having more than 200 million users in India, WhatsApp only appointed one at the end of August.

This Former Porn Star Is Done Letting Men Define Her Story

But is India ready for the feminism of Sunny Leone?

Taapsee Pannu Responded Hilariously After Producers Cut Out Smoking Scenes In "Manmarziyaan"

The scenes were cut without Kashyap's consent and Taapsee had a lot to say.


Plan A Day Of Eating And We'll Tell You Which Asian City You Should Live In

There's a strong correlation between a city's cuisine and its quality of life.

Multiple Women Were Sent Rape Threats After Responding To A Sexist Matrimonial Ad

"Initially, I ignored it. But, I couldn't stand the shit that was written in the ad."

Un extraño me espió cuando me duchaba en una habitación de hotel y esto podría pasarte a ti también

Cada año, cientos de mujeres indias denuncian ser espiadas y grabadas sin su consentimiento. Cientos más toleran esa invasión de la intimidad sin decir palabra. ¿De dónde viene esta obsesión por el voyerismo en la India? Y lo que es más aterrador, ¿a dónde lleva?



India Just Decriminalized Gay Sex

India’s highest court struck down Section 377, the 157-year-old law that made gay sex illegal.

Congrats, India! Adults Can Now Love And Fuck Whoever They Want

With consent and in private, of course.

頼れない大手メディアよりSNS インド・ケララで洪水の写真を人々がシェアして救助要請


Estas mujeres indias decidieron amar sus cuerpos y su piel marrón a pesar de los estándares corporales

“Para mí, crecer en una ciudad urbana en la India como mujer siempre me llevó a temer mi cuerpo: nunca mostrar demasiado, estar siempre vigilándolo y sentirme a menudo avergonzada por él”.

An Alleged Tinder Rape Told On Instagram Stories And The Limits Of #MeToo

She swiped right because she liked his dog. But what happened that night became a viral #MeToo story.



People Are Sharing Photos Of Kerala's Deadly Floods To Raise Awareness

It's reported that hundreds of people have died in the worst monsoon floods to hit Kerala in a century.

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