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The Facebook IPO In Three Steps

You might've heard that Facebook's being sued over what's happened with its IPO. This is basically how it went down.

The Next Time Magazine Cover About Unhealthy Attachments

You've seen the Time Magazine cover from this week. Behold, a cover from the near future.

Mark Zuckerberg Would Like To Sell You Something

How many would you like to buy?

The Most Successful Kickstarter Of The Last Billion Years

A project that is totally CRUSHING IT.

A Scene From Coachella 2015

After hologram Tupac, you know it's only a matter of time before this is what going to Coachella will look like.

How Much Do You Really Hate Facebook?

"I'm deleting Instagram!" users cried after Facebook bought the service. But how far would these people really go?

Image Attached: FaceSmash

The accidental smartphone social network.

Image Attached: The Samsung Twister HD

Imaged Attached is a FWD's weekly cartoon series.


Image Attached: Baby's First Instagram

Introducing Image Attached, a weekly FWD cartoon by Leslie Wood.

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