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9 Things No One Tells You About Breakups

It's never easy, but sometimes it's the little things that help you get by.


The Tragedy Of The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire Was A Landmark For Workers' Rights

The 18-minute fire killed 146 people and spurred unions and legislators to push for better working conditions.

10 Men Who Want To Be Listened To For Once

Let them talk FOR ONCE!!!!

This Is What It Feels Like When You Tear Your Vagina

After my vagina tore, I developed some habits to control the pain.

Build Your Own Disney Princess And We'll Reveal Your Most Heroic Quality

Your princess will be worthy of her own kingdom with this builder!

10 Totally Easy Ways To Raise A Kick-Ass Feminist Child

"Boys will be boys" just doesn't cut it.

12 Annoying Bedtime Thoughts That Really Stress Us Out

Lights out. Tucked in. Wide awake.


If You Get 8/9 On This Brain Game, Your Memory Is Above Average

There are nine people in this apartment building. Can you remember who lives where?

This Woman's Comics About Being Muslim American Are Perfect

Yes, she is hot in that. No, don't ask about it.

If You Like True Scary Stories, Try This One About Necrophilia On For Size

*shivers* I had to pass it on so I could stop thinking about it.

10 Custom Tarot Cards For Your Period

You will find the f*cked up truth about your period in these mystical cards.


Can You Find The Hidden Cats In These Instagrams?

These cats are hiding within your Instagram feed. Do you see them?

14 Reasons Why Periods Were Created By The Devil Himself

Having your period is like having an exorcism.

Victorians Were Obsessed With A Shade Of Green That Killed Them

Victorians were dying to get their hands on green products– and actually dying because of them!


Only Creative Minds Can Solve This Celebrity Name Brainteaser

Ten celebrities are hiding in these pictures. Can you find them?


These Boobs Will Describe Your Personality, Because They Truly Know You

You're gonna get a full evaluation, AND you get to look at boobs. WIN-WIN.

10 Rites Of Passage Everyone With A Period Has

The memories that have left a permanent stain on your life.

10 Easy Ways To Care For Yourself That Cost Little To Nothing

The tiny ways in which you help yourself can really add up.


9 Everyday Objects Cats Think Are A Straight Up Throne

You think you own the place, don't you?

9 Guys You've Had A Crush On

We've all been there.

A Week In Nature Was A Turning Point For My Mental Health

I found inner peace through solitude, nature, and my favorite childhood story.


Tag Yourself As A Shoe And We'll Accurately Guess Your Zodiac Sign

Your favorite shoe is written in the stars.

13 Opinions You'll Only Have If You're Addicted To Coffee

The coffee addict lifestyle is so real.


9 Genius Sex Moves To Try On Your Man This Fall

He'll be falling all over himself, literally.


15 Things Only Girls Who Are Tired All The Time Will Get

Just gonna rest my eyes for a minute....

My Boyfriend Lied About Everything Except How Sick He Was

This comic tells the story of a relationship that wasn’t what it looked like.

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