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Hurricane Sandy

One Year After Sandy, Plans To Protect NYC Take Shape

They say "it's the most ambitious, realistic plan that could be developed to deal with the effects of climate change over the next 40 years," but if another storm doesn't hit soon, will it even happen?

Snow Piles Up On Sandy's Destruction

New York and New Jersey just can't catch a break. Still-recovering regions saw between three and thirteen inches of snow Wednesday.

Top Senate Democrat Sees Opening For Immigration Next Year

Sen. Chuck Schumer also warns additional federal assistance will be needed for cleanup and recovery in wake of Hurricane Sandy. “Disaster relief has been a federal government responsibility for a long time,” Schumer says.

Clinton, Obama, Campaign On Sandy

The President's aides won't discuss the politics of the storm, but the president begins his speech with talk of recovery. "The president's going to win thanks to a woman named Sandy," says one supporter in Iowa.

NJ Democratic Congressional Candidate Equates Opponent To Hurricane Sandy

Democrat Shelly Adler, who is running against Republican Congressman Jon Runyan for New Jersey's 3rd Congressional District, ran a radio ad in the lead up to Hurricane Sandy equating the storm's potential destruction to her opponent. "She should be embarrassed," says the Runyan campaign.

Sandy Forces Media And Politicians To Talk About Climate Change

Chuck Todd said what few reporters, and fewer pols, have acknowledged: "It's called climate change, folks." "When the surge of water comes straight at the media capital of our home planet, it may really make a difference," says Bill McKibben.

Chris Christie Is The Ultimate Hero Of Hurricane Sandy

New Jersey's governor came across as frank, impassioned, and utterly human during the hurricane, like a troubled action movie hero. So obviously, here is a fan fiction interpretation of his tweets.

Anti-Obama Storm-Related Flier

According the Houston Chronicle, the flier appeared at the apartment door of a person in Virginia, and was produced by the Americans for Tax Reform. Update A voter in Arlington, Virginia sends along a PDF of the flier that appeared at his door clearly showing the Americans for Tax Reform logo. Update An ATR spokesman comments "the photo you have is of a photocopy of a piece of mail we sent out in September. Someone is either trying to be cute or deliberately trying to mislead." Update An Americans for Tax Reform spokesman sends over an invoice to show the mailer was designed and paid for in September and a copy sent out in October.

The Annihilation Of Breezy Point, New York

New York City's most charming beachside community was one of the worst horror stories of Hurricane Sandy. How the residents are doing the day after.

Tracking Sandy With A Wind Map

The map, which visualizes the nation's wind patterns, dramatically shows the storm's movements up the East Coast.

Elmo Explains Hurricane Sandy To Kids

Natural disasters can be scary to children. Luckily Sesame Street has a lot of experience talking about serious issues in ways kids can understand.

New York Sports Fans Are Crazy: Hurricane Sandy Edition

Imagine you buy a new house. Then a hurricane comes, so you evacuate. You learn that your brand new house is totally underwater. What's the first thing you do? Call a sports talk radio show, obviously.

Real News Orgs Begging Instagrammers For Their Photos

When tons of people are posting photos of an event to Twitter and Instagram, it makes sense that the press would request to use some of those photos. It's a little funny to see, and also to see how confusing the ownership of the photos gets.

18 Eerie, Deserted Photos Ahead Of Hurricane Sandy

All the disturbing, empty vistas of the apocalypse, without all those pesky zombies. As East Coast cities shut down, journalists captured the lack of bustling humanity.

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