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Humane Society

Kohl's Caught Selling Real Raccoon Dog Fur As Fake Fur

Again. UPDATE: As of 4:12 pm on 9/23/2014 the jacket has been removed from the Kohl's website.

Shelter Animals Skate With NC Roller Derby Team

The Blue Ridge Rollergirls recently teamed up with Asheville Humane Society and Animal Compassion Network for a photo shoot with adoptable animals hoping for a "forever home."


The Sweetest New Pet Adoption Portrait Ever

A Redditor reposted this portrait from the Athens Area Humane Society's heartwarming series of cats and dogs who have just been adopted by their new families. This one brought tears of joy to my eyes.

Burger King Moves To Cage-Free Eggs

Good news for fans of chickens and to some extent, pigs! Burger King and The Humane Society have reached a genuinely groundbreaking decision to switch to 100% cage-free eggs (and to begin phasing out gestation crates for pigs). Pretty sure they're still selling burgers though, so, better luck next time, cows. :(

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