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Lolong, The Monster Crocodile Of The Philippines

More photos of the 21-foot, 2,370-pound beast that was caught in southern Philippines last week. It's thought to be the largest saltwater crocodile ever captured alive in the country, perhaps in the world. Although it's suspected of being a man eater, locals are keeping it in an enclosure and have affectionately named it Lolong.

The Daily Diet Of The Woman Who Hopes To Be The Fattest Person In History

Susanne Eman of Casa Grande, Arizona--currently weighing in at 720 pounds--hopes to become the fattest woman of all time and surpass the standing record of 1,600 pounds. Here is what she eats EVERY DAY to try and shatter that record. It's a 21,962 calorie menu of sadness. Why is she doing this? Because she's considered hot by the SSBBW community.


Big Head

Artist Eric Testroete created this giant paper-craft reproduction of his own head for Halloween. He probably was worried that own his head wasn't bizarrely angular or nightmarish enough.

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