hot ladies

  • Why Do Men’s Magazines Love Flag Bikinis?

    Kate Upton’s breasts could have been barely restrained by a solid white, black, or red bikini for her new GQ cover — but no, the magazine dressed her in a flag-inspired triangle top. Because something about a flag pattern just seems to just do it for her male audience.

  • San Francisco’s All-Lady Motorcycle Gang

    Hot Rides is a group of badass babes who like ‘smoky, loud, fast, two-wheeled things’ but were tired of riding bitch, so they bought their own bikes and hit the streets of California together. One of the founders says it’s “about being in a group and having pack mentality, revving it up and riding motorcycles in high heels, doing something that is dangerous and dangerously fun, and sharing it with other talented ladies.” I think Sonny Barger would approve.

  • Your 2010 World Cup WAG Guide

    Soccer WAGs (“wives and girlfriends”) are to the rest of the world what The Hills stars are to America: beautiful, shiny bobbleheads that show up in tabloids and occasionally on TV. Victoria Beckham is the Queen WAG, but since she won’t be at the World Cup, you’d better get acquainted with the supporting cast. View List ›