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Hipster Dudes <3 Their Skinny Jeans

The skinny jean for men continues to dominate fashion (as designers attempt to push it on bros now, too), as illustrated in one reporter's journey into Williamsburg, Brooklyn - the epicenter of impossibly narcissistic hipsterdom - where denim leggings is the pant of choice.

Gassy Sex [NSFW]

Our current obsession (following Edarem and Kirstie Alley) is Branson Aniston, who uploads bizarre, disturbing videos like this one, in which he and his new bride consummate their partnership on a wedding night. But with a lot of farts.

Crazy Dude Dissects Theme To "Scrubs"

Our new BFF, YouTube user Edarem, likes TV theme songs, his three dogs, and hasn't gotten a haircut in twenty years. This is just one of many.

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