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As Trump Falters, Ana Navarro Is Having The Last Word

From the Mexican-American judge to the gold star father, the beauty queen, and the lewd video, Ana Navarro has been in living rooms across the country, blasting Trump on TV. The worse it gets for him, the more attention her takedowns get.

The Rise And Fall Of Trump's Hispanic Advisory Council

It will continue to exist and the RNC is planning to infuse it with new people, but the council's short-lived influence with the campaign is done, operatives who worked closely with the council and former members say.

Could Sheriff Joe Arpaio Actually Lose This Time?

Democrats and activists say the 84-year-old scandal plagued sheriff is more vulnerable than ever. But could Latino voters turning Arizona into a swing state help take down Trump and Arpaio, too?

In Reversal, Trump Indicates To Hispanic Leaders Openness To Legalization For Immigrants

The Trump campaign disputes that Donald Trump is open to legalization after members of his Hispanic advisory council said he suggested he is open to figuring out a humane and efficient manner to deal with undocumented immigrants already in the country, ahead of a major immigration speech this week.

Latina Former Bush Treasurer Endorses Clinton, Blasts Trump

Rosario Marin endorsed Clinton in a Univision op-ed because of Trump's rhetoric and policies throughout the election. "I will stand up for my community against the menace of a tyrannical presidency that does not value the countless contributions of immigrants."

Why It Matters That Tim Kaine Speaks Spanish

He's not an honorary Latino and he's not going to get Hispanic voters in droves, but a Spanish-speaking vice presidential nominee stands out when the Trump campaign is still struggling to get experienced Spanish-language surrogates on air.

The RNC's New Hispanic Media Director Bashed Trump Nonstop For Months

In deleted tweets and interviews, Helen Aguirre Ferré has blamed Trump for violence in Chicago, said that he supported abortion and was against traditional marriage, and that he was dividing the country because of his comments about Hispanics, and that they would reject him, and that she would decide who to vote for at the last minute.

Abuelas Make Arroz Con Leche

"Pero no importa, porque nosotros también estamos un poquito vencida."

Hillary Clinton, The Liberal?

Episode 4 of No One Knows Anything: The BuzzFeed Politics Podcast, looks at the moments Clinton surprised Democrats and activists by being to the left of what they expected, including an overlooked but effective moment in the primary on immigration.

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