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Are You A Hipster?

Take this definitive quiz, and then let's never speak of it again.

Mantone Forecast For 2013

ATTENTION MEN: If you're a hardworking hipster, angsty alpha, unemployed underachiever, or timid technophile, please read on to learn how to dress.

Male Model Or Dude In An Indie Band?

The lines are blurring. But if you like staring at hot scruffy hipster guys, you probably don't care what these guys do. See if you can figure out which of these guys are models and which are in indie bands (scroll all the way down for the answer key).

The Hipster Wizard Of Oz

What happens when you mix the classic movie with grungy youth culture? ...essentially what all of Brooklyn will dress up as for Halloween this year.

Hipsters Vs. Socialites: Why "Gallery Girls" Is Legitimately Compelling Reality TV

If you're as obsessed with petty high school class warfare as I am, you could easily become hooked on Bravo's new reality about young women trying to make it in the art world. Anyone who's looking for an accurate portrayal of people doing serious work at an art gallery — you're missing the point. Here are the four main reasons why this show kind of rules.

32 Photos From Germany's 2012 "Hipster Olympics"

The second annual Hipster Olympics were held in Berlin on Saturday, and hundreds of young adults and teenagers participated in events such as "skinny jeans tug o' war," a "horn-rimmed glasses toss," and "bobbing for bubble tea pearls".


A Tribute To Mom Fashion

Moms are the original hipsters: pure beings uncorrupted by irony. Let's hear it for moms, the most unpretentious people in the world. They've been shaping fashion since before you were even born. Here are some of their signature looks — and a look at how their kids have totally stolen them.

What Is "Hipster" Fashion?

Peggy Wang and Amy Odell hash it out over IM. "It used to be that people would feel insulted if they were called a hipster... but now I'M insulted that someone doesn't think I know what a hipster is."

Hipster-Ass Hipster Bike For Hipsters, $180

"Do you want to be noticed? Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Sleeve tattoo didn't do the trick? Dubstep bounce remix didn't go viral? Look no further than this bike."


The Awareness 2012 Campaign

Did you know that if you watch a Youtube video and then share it with your Facebook friends you become an expert on Human Rights violations in third world countries?

The Definitive 'Kony 2012' Drinking Game

In case you missed all the Kony stuff yesterday, here's a quick primer. But, as always happens with an Internet phenomenon of any reasonable calibre, a vicious backlash is already well underway. Which, so, here's an official drinking game for all you Kony 2012 backlashers out there. Drink responsibly!

Vanilla Ice Goes Brooklyn Hipster

The Soup has decided to check in on former rapper Vanilla Ice to see what he's been up to. He's decided to turn to the indie music industry because like him in that ironic '90's sort of way. Plus, disposable incomes!

Hipster Hitler Spotted In The Wild

Look everyone, it's Adolf Hipster! Photo taken today by a Redditor named captureo at Mexico's Tecnológico de Monterrey. It's a really obscure school, you've probably never heard of it.

A Hipster Comic-Con

New York Comic-Con was last weekend, but putting this post up on time would be so mainstream. This is how the event looked from the view of a hipster. [Cheers turtlefeed for some of the pics.]

Behold, The Duck Face Queen

And her handler consort? Warning: This photo may cause unfocused rage, nausea, dizziness and/or uncontrolled facepalming.


Hipster Bicycle Wheelie Fail

Fixed gear rides again! The dislocated wheel flopping around at the end is really sad.


Shove The Effing iPad Where?

NSFW! A song entitled "shove the fucking ipad up your motherfucking arse you motherfucking fucking fuck". Hating hipsters is so mainstream these days. (Via)


Hipsters Need Not Apply

Vinnie's Pizza in Williamsburg has very explicit specifications on their help wanted sign.

Hipsters Are Real Jive Turkeys

Looks like our grandparents were hipsters before being hipsters was cool. Please God do not let this mean that they will try to revitalize some of this slang.

Hipstamaticat Photography

What's a hipster to do with his feline? Take artsy fartsy pictures and edit them with Hipstamatic, of course! Check out many, many more lo-fi kitty pictures at Hipstamaticat.


Hipster Bingo Cards

How to play Hipster Bingo: Find hipsters. Mark it down. Laugh (ironically). Reminds me of the days when I went to the mall to count goths. Good times.


The Best Of Hipster Little Mermaid

The Hipster Ariel Meme has been floating around Tumblr recently. It's like if Disney traded singing animals and magic for "underground music" and PBR. You have The Little Mermaid remastered on DVD? I still have it on VHS.


Hipster Potter

You guys, the new Hipster Potter movie is finally coming out! Rumor is it's going to be "Hipster Potter and the Goblet of PBR." I was kind of hoping for "Hipster Potter and the Chamber of Underground Music." That one is definitely my favorite. (Via)

The Accidental Hipster

A song about the poor dude who can't really control his hipsterish circumstances.

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