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You open your tent. It snowed overnight. You can't see the trail anymore.


You butter take this fly quiz.

I'm not kidding when I tell people Darn Tough socks have a cult following.


Enjoy the great outdoors!


At least you'll have something to watch while you daydream about backpacking around the world, right? Right?


Find your ultimate outdoor getaway.


Pick your details carefully.

Stuff *almost* as awesome as an all-expenses-paid getaway.

Boxes full of wine, whiskey, cheesecake, vegan, and gluten-free goodies, and more!

Also 28 puns, because I couldn't help myself.

"Malayo pa ba?"

Yes, kangaroos are everywhere.


Yoga, perhaps?

Sleeping on the ground has never been so cozy.

"I always knew what forward looked like."


Embrace the foliage.

Prepare, pack, and get ready for a great time on the trail.

Their thoughts for women considering the hike themselves? DO IT.

::raises hand; swats mosquito::

Exploring the great me-outdoors.


Mix it up.

Leave no trace or waste.

When a bear mauls a camper, park rangers round up the usual suspects. DNA tests can now reveal whether a bear is innocent, saving it from being killed.

It's time to treat yourself!

After trekking 2,000 miles of mountainous terrain on foot, I transformed physically and spiritually, but that didn't mean I wanted to totally erase my old self.

Check this off your bucket list.

Can’t go wrong with food in a bag.


America the zen.

Carolyn and Rachel Lloyd from North Carolina spent four nights lost in the cold New Zealand wilderness.

America the beautiful.

Damn, Ontario.


You'll find out the house's exact location 24 hours before you arrive.

From choosing luggage to organizing what's in it, we've got you covered!

The apple of my isle.

Never eating a Nature Valley bar again.


If you didn't go apple picking, did fall even happen?

I'll see your tent and raise you a house.

Nothing quite beats a night around the campfire.

You can easily eat 10 cereal bars in a day, and there are never, ever enough tent pegs.

How to take to the trails with toddlers in tow.

Warning: Breathtaking beauty ahead.


Friendship goals.


She just wants her boyfriend to leaf her alone.

But if the taste of blood and dirt turns you on, then this is for you.

Sometimes we need a little advice from the opposite sex.

Sometimes we need a little advice from the opposite sex.

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