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Is Hiking With Face Masks The New Normal?

People move to the Pacific Northwest to be near incredible natural beauty. But each year, wildfires and rising temperatures are making it harder to go outside.


You're Lost In The Woods — Can You Make The Right Decisions To Get Out?

You open your tent. It snowed overnight. You can't see the trail anymore.


Hikers, Runners, And Nurses Are Obsessed With These Socks

I'm not kidding when I tell people Darn Tough socks have a cult following.


Go On A Backpacking Adventure And We'll Give You A Netflix Original To Watch

At least you'll have something to watch while you daydream about backpacking around the world, right? Right?


Which National Park Vacation Is Best For You?

Find your ultimate outdoor getaway.


30 Travel-Inspiring Gifts For Anyone With Wanderlust

Stuff *almost* as awesome as an all-expenses-paid getaway.

19 Food And Booze Subscription Boxes That Make Awesome Gifts

Boxes full of wine, whiskey, cheesecake, vegan, and gluten-free goodies, and more!

28 Gifts That'll Make Your Dad Cry Tears Of Joy

Also 28 puns, because I couldn't help myself.


25 Of The Best Sleeping Bags You Can Get On Amazon

Sleeping on the ground has never been so cozy.

Going Outside Is A Form Of Self-Care

"I always knew what forward looked like."


Heading Out On A Hike? Take These Ten Essentials With You

Prepare, pack, and get ready for a great time on the trail.

What Is A Place That Every Solo Traveler Should Visit?

What's your most memorable adventure?

11 Fearless Women Who Hiked The Pacific Crest Trail This Year

Their thoughts for women considering the hike themselves? DO IT.

31 Cats Who Are Probably More Outdoorsy Than You

Exploring the great me-outdoors.


Make Your Own Reusable Snack Bags

Leave no trace or waste.

A Bear That Mauled A Hiker Left Behind Clues In His DNA

When a bear mauls a camper, park rangers round up the usual suspects. DNA tests can now reveal whether a bear is innocent, saving it from being killed.

5 Fun Weekend Plans You Can Do

It's time to treat yourself!

Here's What Happens To Your Body When You Hike The Appalachian Trail

After trekking 2,000 miles of mountainous terrain on foot, I transformed physically and spiritually, but that didn't mean I wanted to totally erase my old self.

What Does Freeze Dried Camp Food Taste Like?

Can’t go wrong with food in a bag.


Do You Actually Know What Poison Ivy Looks Like?

You might want to take this quiz before your next hike.

A Mom And Daughter Who Went Missing On A Hike Made "HELP" Signs To Get Rescued

Carolyn and Rachel Lloyd from North Carolina spent four nights lost in the cold New Zealand wilderness.


You Can Now Rent Tiny Houses Hidden In The Woods For An Outdoorsy Dream Come True

You'll find out the house's exact location 24 hours before you arrive.

Here Are The Best Bags And Packing Tips For Every Trip

From choosing luggage to organizing what's in it, we've got you covered!

25 Struggles Only People Who Did DofE Will Understand

Never eating a Nature Valley bar again.


Which Fun Fall Activity Should You Do This Weekend?

If you didn't go apple picking, did fall even happen?

Why I Hate Camping

I'll see your tent and raise you a house.

Barguments: Why I Love Camping

Nothing quite beats a night around the campfire.

57 Things You Actually Learn On Your DofE Expeditions

You can easily eat 10 cereal bars in a day, and there are never, ever enough tent pegs.

22 Tips For Hiking With Kids That Every Parent Should Know

How to take to the trails with toddlers in tow.


This Guy Annoyed His Girlfriend With Hiking Puns For Their Entire Trek

She just wants her boyfriend to leaf her alone.

19 Hikes That Should Never Make Your Bucket List

But if the taste of blood and dirt turns you on, then this is for you.

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