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The Opioid Crisis Isn't A Metaphor

Drug users don't take heroin because of postindustrial despair — they do it because withdrawal feels worse than anything you can imagine.

Make-Your-Own Heroin Is Almost Here, Scientists Warn

A new study shows how to turn ordinary brewers yeast into a biological factory for producing opiates. Some scientists want to use this technology to make better painkillers. But other researchers — and the FBI — warn that this could lead to people brewing heroin at home.

The Controversial Answer To America's Heroin Surge

With heroin use at epidemic levels, harm reduction — a bold, long-contested approach to treating addicts — is gaining political traction. But are we ready to make it easier to shoot heroin even if it means fewer deaths?


The Top 166 And A Half Things Found In A Scranton Woman's Vagina

A woman in Scranton, Pennsylvania was arrested on suspicion of burglary. After a thorough body search, authorities found an amazing array of items hidden in her vagina. Here is the full menu of vaginal contraband. Since the denominations were not announced (and for the sake of running up the score), the $55.22 were broken down into individual dollars and cents. In the race to turn body cavities into clown cars, this woman is winning.

Special Advice

The soundest and most irrefutable medical advice of all time. In a follow up appointment, the patient was advised to quit being stupid.

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