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Heart Attack

Experts Question Decision To Not Perform Autopsy On Scalia

After the sudden death of the Supreme Court justice Saturday, no autopsy was performed and no medical official was called to the scene. One law enforcement expert called the authorities' handling of the death "sloppy."

Bernie Madoff Is Recovering From A Heart Attack

Convicted felon Bernie Madoff is back in prison after being hospitalized last month for a heart attack, CNBC reports. Madoff also has stage-four kidney disease.

Heart Attack Grill

Burger aficionado? Heart attack fan? Then head down to Chandler, Arizona, where The Heart Attack Grill is likely to help ascend to the heavens (or the hospital) after chowing down on the Quadruple Bypass Burger, seen below. (And don't worry - there are untrained "sexy" nurses on staff at all times.)

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