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33 Misconceptions About The Healthcare Industry Debunked By The People Who Work In It Every Day

"I'm not mad at you for gaining/losing weight, forgetting to take your meds, forgetting to do your exercises, etc. If what I've recommended for your care isn't feasible for whatever reason, I'm happy to try something else until it works for YOU! Please, please don't apologize, fib, or nod along just because you think it will make me happy."

How To Choose A Primary Care Provider

If there's one thing you can do to empower yourself as a patient, it's finding a primary care provider — one who feels like a real partner. (An excerpt from How to Be a Patient)

These Volunteers Are Battling Idaho’s Government To Expand Medicaid

State legislators in Idaho have refused to accept federal funding that could help thousands without health insurance get coverage. Meet “Reclaim Idaho,” the group that’s trying to do what elected officials won’t and put Medicaid expansion up for a vote in November.

This Is What It's Like To Be Put To Sleep So You Can't Resist Electric Shock Treatment

As a 22-year-old, Eleanor was pumped with drugs to keep her in a sleeplike state, then subjected to excessive rounds of electroconvulsive therapy as a treatment advocated by the notorious Dr William Sargant. “You can’t find your way back to who you were because you don’t kind of remember yourself,” she tells BuzzFeed News.

Who Should Pay For Evan Karr’s Heart?

Every day, millions of Americans, even those with insurance, struggle to pay for health care. If the Republican health care plan passes, that struggle will only intensify.

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