Reporting To You X



You deserve some happiness in your life!

From embracing summer sadness to nailing the perfect scrambled egg, we know how you should make this month even better.

Every little thing counts.

Make that phone call you know you'll put off for the rest of the day!

Because sometimes it's the little things that have the biggest impact.

Clenches chest.

Because it's how we improved our lives in April!

Revamp your online shopping habits, try a green thumb on for size, and more!


A ridiculously simple pasta recipe, a little trick for remembering to do important tasks, and more!

So cool, so curious.


This one's all about YOU.

I don't wanna look creepy.

My heart.

I mean, is it EVER acceptable to leave someone on Read?


You are guaranteed to be happier once you finish this.

If you do, you need a vacation.


Besides food, obviously.

Basically everything you need to know about looking after your mental health.


Not everything has to be so horrible all the time.


Go to your happy place.

Going to the bathroom without closing the door? Eating straight from the pan? Yes, please! <3


It's not a trend, it's a lifestyle.

You're not COMPLETELY dead inside.

At some point you can't ignore the signs.

Basically happiness in a little roll-on applicator.

"It's hard, but so far so good."


Six words to unlock your happiness.

Because we all need a little love every now and then.

Try them. Your productivity will thank you later.

We're guessing you need it after 2016.

*sips coffee* *handles everything like a boss*

Roll up in a blanket burrito. Put on Netflix. Cry. Repeat.

Your body will thank you!

Everything's better with your furry best friend.

Weekly burst of happiness for everyone.

Follow me — NO.

Because going to work should be a lot less work.

Because we really want you to kick ass today.

A room full of dogs, what more could you ask for?

Because everything you need to know is not in the brochure.

Your body will love you for this.

Why not get inspired while you hit the 'gram?

"For other couples out there going through this, you are not alone."

Show this to anyone who won't shut up about everyone being ~attached to their phones~.

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