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Hannah Hart

What It's Like To Go To VidCon

We take you around the convention "for people who love online video"!

Hannah Hart Might Be YouTube's First Crossover Queer Icon

After half a decade of dominating YouTube, the My Drunk Kitchen star is determined to show her young LGBT fans that it's possible to grow up and live a big, gay, happy life. In today's cultural climate, when positivity is all too often drowned out by cynicism, can Hannah Hart make it cool to be kind?

"Oh, Internet" Is The Best Love Song

Hannah Hart of web series "My Drunk Kitchen" has come forth to confess her love for the internet. We're right there with you, Miss Hart.


My Drunk Kitchen Holiday: Fourth Of July

Celebrate America's birthday with a drunk woman attempting to bake an apple pie. I want to marry her so bad.

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