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Hair Trends


Which Beauty Trend Must Go?

Because the world's not big enough for tampon curlers AND cheese curlers.

16 Pieces Of Definitive Proof That Blue Hair Is The 2017 Trend You NEED

Because why should "blorange" hair get all the attention?


We Know How You Should Dye Your Hair

We're sure you're just dyeing to know.


The 18 Most Important Beauty Trends Of 2014

Flash tats and Insta-glam.


Watch 100 Years Of Makeup In Less Than A Minute

Can you even believe what women did for beauty in the '20s? Seems like work.


Ranking The 13 Most Important Celeb Ponytails Of The '90s

It was the golden era of scrunchies.

The Biggest Hairdos Ever

You don't have to be a English, coke-addicted throwback singer to have huge hair. Just ask any of these ladies.

Not Washing Your Hair

Fashionable women are avoiding shampoo.

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