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Gun Control

The House Judiciary Committee Will Come Back To Washington Early To Work On Gun Control Legislation

The committee will mark up three gun control bills on Sept. 4. The full House is slated to return Sept. 9.

Elizabeth Warren Is Setting A Goal Of Reducing Gun Deaths By 80%

Warren’s new gun control plan, much of which overlaps with other candidates’ plans, would put pressure on gun manufacturers.

After Recent Shootings, Walmart Is Removing Violent Video Game Displays — But Not Guns

Walmart is one of the biggest sellers of firearms and ammunition in the United States.

Their Daughter Was Killed In Aurora. Now They Say The Anti–Gun Violence Movement Has Left Them Behind.

“Here’s the deal: We really don’t have a true grassroots gun violence prevention movement in this country,” said Lonnie Phillips, whose daughter, Jessi, was killed in the 2012 movie theater mass shooting.

When Black Panthers Carried Guns, Conservatives Supported Gun Control

The debate around guns has not always been the partisan stalemate it is today. But it has, like so many other political issues in the US, always been partly about race.

Four Reasons Why We Might Be At A Tipping Point For Gun Control

There's a new burst of energy around what many people think is a lost cause: gun control.

This Republican Was Attacked For Pushing Gun Control Legislation. He Doesn’t Think His Party Can Pass Even Commonsense Laws.

Former Rep. Scott Rigell was shocked his fellow Republicans wouldn’t agree to keep guns away from criminals after the Sandy Hook shooting. He doesn’t think anything has changed.

Congress Has Tried To Pass Gun Control Laws After Major Mass Shootings. Here’s How They’ve Failed.

Even modest measures to expand background checks after deadly shootings have failed to win enough Republican support to make it through Congress.

The Justice Department Wants To Address Mass Shootings By Putting More Domestic Abusers Behind Bars

The Justice Department is launching a task force of US attorneys to look at ways of prosecuting more domestic abusers who unlawfully have guns.

STEM Students Want Change After The Colorado School Shooting, But First They Want To Mourn

"We're not like other victims where we want to just immediately go out and start campaigning," a 17-year-old STEM student said.

Cory Booker Wants To Make Gun Owners Get Licenses

The proposal is part of a far-reaching new gun control plan, which Booker said he would begin implementing on his first day as president if he wins in 2020.

Kamala Harris Says She’ll Take Gun Control Into Her Own Hands As President If Congress Doesn't Act

Harris outlined a series of executive actions that she would take as president if Congress failed to act on gun control within a 100-day period.

The US Supreme Court Is Letting The Trump Administration's Bump Stock Ban Take Effect

A majority of justices on the Supreme Court denied a request to delay the ban while the challengers continue to appeal it.

"Our Gun Laws Will Change," New Zealand's Prime Minister Says After Mosque Attacks

"Obviously I think people will be seeking change and I'm committing to that," said Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

Rep. Lauren Underwood Says Gun Control Measures Are Long Overdue, 11 Years After A Mass Shooting In Illinois

"I challenge Sen. McConnell and the senators in their Republican caucus to make sure they are bold enough" to pass gun control legislation, Underwood said on BuzzFeed News' AM to DM.

11 Memorable Photo Challenges For Photo Editors In 2018

Never a dull moment on the photo desk.

"I Want Gun Control": A Mother Whose Son Died In The Thousand Oaks Shooting Doesn't Want Your Thoughts And Prayers

"I don't want prayers. I don't want thoughts. I want gun control," the mother of Thousand Oaks shooting victim Telemachus Orfanos told local media.

Residents Say The Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting “Ripped At The Fabric Of Our Community" As Authorities Detail A Crime Driven By Hatred Of Jews

And the city's mayor — responding directly to President Trump — said he believed the nation's focus should be on gun control, not security measures.

David Hogg Said That He Wants To Speak To Trump

Hogg said that he was “so emotional” after the massacre at his school, and that he now regrets not attending the listening session.

La Roux Called Fox Business “Abhorrent” For Using Her Song “Bulletproof” In A Segment On Bulletproof Backpacks

“I have never, and would never approve, my music to be used in this way,” the singer said.

Protesters Are Demanding The Release Of Police Footage After Police Said A Teen Killed Himself After A Chase

Authorities in Chicago say 15-year-old Steven Rosenthal killed himself after a brief chase with police, but his family has said he would never take his own life.

If Democrats Can’t Pass Gun Control Laws, They Need To Step Aside, Candidates Say

"We’re going to have a new set of leadership who’s willing to take action … and we’re going to save thousands of lives every year in this country, or we’re not."

Most Teens Think Tighter Gun Control Would Reduce Mass Shootings, According To This Survey

The answers show that teens see the nuances of the gun control debate.

A Study Of Guns In Boston Shows That Restrictive Laws Drive Up Prices On The Street

“It's more like kids selling each other weed in high school than the Cali cartel,” one expert said. “This kind of trafficking is possible because it is so easy.”

Gunbook Had To Change Its Name After Facebook Threatened To Sue

Gunbook, a social network for gun lovers, changed its name to Shooters Network after receiving legal threats from Facebook's lawyers.

Changing Gun Laws Is The Top Issue For LGBTQ People Going Into The 2018 Election

In a major poll conducted by Whitman Insight Strategies and BuzzFeed News, LGBTQ Americans also said they had an overwhelmingly unfavorable view of Trump.

This Is What The Next Phase Of March For Our Lives Will Look Like

Emma González, David Hogg, and Jaclyn Corin spoke with BuzzFeed News about their upcoming voter registration drive.

A Judge Said The NRA Has To Actually Name A Teen Who Wants To Sue Florida Over New Gun Control Laws

The ruling said the NRA cannot add anonymous plaintiffs, despite the potential for online harassment and threats.

Peace Activists Just Scored A Surprising Victory At A Gunmaker's Shareholder Meeting

“Really just everything came together to make it happen.”

The Government’s Two-Decade Ban On Studying Gun Violence Was Supposed To End. It Hasn’t.

In March, Congress gave CDC the green light to study the causes of gun violence. One month later there is no sign of that work starting, and there is little research on what causes high gun death rates in the US.

This Village Banned Assault Weapons After Parkland. Residents Don’t Want To Talk About It.

The small village of Deerfield, Illinois, introduced a dramatic and sweeping assault weapons ban after the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida. Just don't ask them about it.

YouTube's Crackdown On Firearms Has Guntubers Launching Their Own Platforms

"There are millions of people who are going to exercise their constitutional rights. YouTube be damned."

Rep. Ralph Norman Of South Carolina Pulled Out A Gun In A Constituent Meeting

"I'm tired of these liberals jumping on the guns themselves as if they are the cause of the problem. Guns are not the problem," Rep. Ralph Norman told a local paper following the incident.

Trump’s Gun Laws Strengthen The Background Check Registry But Also Limit Mental Health Reporting

Congress’s big response to mass shootings this year was to beef up the background check registry, but the other major gun law signed by President Trump prevents some people with serious mental illnesses from being added to that registry.

フロリダ銃乱射事件から1ヶ月。「March For Our Lives」に参加した人々の想い


Protesting Violence Means Protesting An American Tradition

Young people need to know that if you protest violence in this country, some will think you're protesting the country itself — and you will be met with violence.

After Surviving A School Shooting Days Ago, These Students Say "March For Our Lives" Is Personal

"I didn't know March For Our Lives was a thing until it applied directly to me," said one 17-year-old senior at Great Mills High School.

This Is The Trump Administration's New Proposal To Ban Bump Stocks

It would reverse the position held by the Obama and Trump administrations by defining what constitutes a fully automatic machine gun.

Why Does The NRA Almost Always Win?

The NRA didn’t get so powerful by just handing politicians money. This is how they do it.

Stoneman Douglas Students Are Not Happy With Their School’s Decision That They Must Use Clear Backpacks

"Enforcing students to wear clear backpacks is simply like putting a band-aid on a broken bone."

After A Two-Decade Ban, Congress Finally Says The Federal Government Can Study Gun Violence

Ambitious gun control plans were left out of Congress’s final must-pass bill before the fall, but the legislation does include two potentially significant changes.

Republicans Are Looking To Pass A Minor Background Check Bill And Avoid A Gun Control Debate Altogether

Despite a series of gun control proposals in Congress, Senate leadership appears to be focused on a single background check bill, and even that may never see the floor due to disagreements between the two parties.

A High School Senior Led Her Fellow Students On A Gun Walkout To The Heart Of The Nation's Capital

"If you can speak, speak; if you can march, march; and when you can vote, vote. Students can make a difference, even before a ballot box is in the picture."

Here's What Barron Trump's School Is Telling The President About Gun Control

The head of St. Andrew's Episcopal School in Maryland also said President Trump's proposal to arm teachers would be "dangerous and antithetical to our profession as educators."

Here's How Some Schools Punished Students For Walking Out To Protest Gun Violence

Some students claim school officials physically blocked exits, while others said administrators held unexpected drills at the same time they planned to protest.

Protesters Left 7,000 Pairs Of Shoes In Front Of The Capitol For Children Killed By Gun Violence

The shoes represent the children killed just since the Sandy Hook shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, in 2012. Protesters are pushing Congress to pass gun control legislation in the wake of the Parkland shooting last month.

These Families Lost Children In A School Massacre. Then They Changed The Gun Laws To Prevent It Ever Happening Again.

After 16 children and their teacher were shot dead in a Scottish school, their loved ones and the survivors fought to get all handguns banned — and won. Now, exactly 22 years later, they have sent a powerful letter of support to the young students in Parkland, Florida: Change can happen.

The Trump Administration’s Point Man On Gun Policy Has A Decades-Long Bond With The NRA

As a senator, Sessions voted to block gun restrictions after school shootings and helped protect the gun industry from financial liability for shootings.

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