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A Gun-Toting Man In Body Armor Who Sparked Panic At A Missouri Walmart Was Arrested For Making A Terrorist Threat

“His intent obviously was to cause chaos here, and he did that," police said.

The FBI Agent Who Accidentally Shot A Man While Dancing Won’t Go To Jail

The victim said in court he holds “holds no personal grudge,” because “I’ve done stupid things at bars to impress girls, too.”

Police Are Investigating A Viral Video Of A Man At McDonald's Allegedly Pulling A Gun On Black Teens

After being informed of the gun, the restaurant manager told the group of teens: "I don't care — get the fuck out of my store."

A Court Blocked A Law That Would Have Outlawed The High-Capacity Magazine Used By The Thousand Oaks Shooter

Enforcement of the 2016 law that bans possession of high-capacity magazines has been blocked pending the outcome of the lawsuit.

Fox News Wrote A Dumb Story About Jamie Lee Curtis And People Had Jokes

“In the movie Freaky Friday she does a body swap with her daughter despite being an opponent of witchcraft.”

A Woman Shot And Killed 3 People At A Rite Aid Distribution Center

The lone shooter died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, the sheriff said.

This Is What The Next Phase Of March For Our Lives Will Look Like

Emma González, David Hogg, and Jaclyn Corin spoke with BuzzFeed News about their upcoming voter registration drive.

Kelly Clarkson Addressed Mass Shootings With A Tearful Speech At The 2018 BBMAs

"I'm so sick of 'moments of silence.' It's not working."

New York Police Fatally Shot A Black Man With A Mental Illness. He Was Holding A Metal Pipe.

After people called 911 reporting a man brandishing what looked like a gun, police said they believed the pipe Saheed Vassell was pointing at them was a firearm.

フロリダ銃乱射事件から1ヶ月。「March For Our Lives」に参加した人々の想い


How One New Netflix Series Shows Teen Gun Violence Is Bigger Than Just Parkland

“Our world hasn’t been safe for a while. Kids have not been safe — it doesn’t matter what neighborhood you’re in,” the co-creator of On My Block told BuzzFeed News. (Warning: some spoilers ahead.)

銃乱射事件は本当にメンタルヘルスの問題なのか? アメリカが直面する現実


Three Students Were Injured When Their Teacher Accidentally Fired His Gun During A Safety Lesson

One 17-year-old student was struck in the neck with a bullet fragment.

Active Shooter Training In American Schools Has Become The New Normal

Roughly 88% of all K–12 students across the US attend schools that have a plan in place for possible emergencies. Today, the vast majority of these plans include active shooters as a threat.

Police Identify Gunman In "Ambush-Style" Shooting That Left One Sheriff's Deputy Dead, Four Others Injured

The suspect shot off 100 rounds during the attack before he was killed, a Colorado sheriff said.

Here's Everything We Know So Far About The Texas Church Shooter

Devin Patrick Kelley, 26, was court-martialed for assaulting his spouse and their child in 2012. He received a bad-conduct discharge, a year of confinement in military prison, and was reduced to the Air Force's lowest rank.

A Texas Student Has Been Charged With Murder In The Fatal Shooting Of A Campus Police Officer

A 19-year-old student confessed to shooting and killing a campus officer, telling police he "fucked up."

Two Days After Deadly Las Vegas Shooting, No One Is Gambling At The Hotel Where The Gunman Opened Fire

Rows of slot machines and gambling tables sat empty Tuesday inside the Las Vegas resort Stephen Paddock used to carry out his deadly attack on a concert.



A 4-Year-Old Girl Fatally Shot Herself While Grabbing Candy From Her Grandma's Purse

"She just wanted some damn candy," Nelly Zoller's father said.

Gun Sales Are Plunging Under President Trump As Fears Of A Crackdown Fade

"They geared up for a Hillary regime and they made a lot of guns, and now, they're sitting on more guns than they can sell," a California gun shop manager said.

A 28-Year-Old Man Has Been Charged With Killing A Teen In A Road Rage Shooting

A four-day, multi-state manhunt concluded Sunday when David Andrew Desper turned himself in for allegedly shooting 18-year-old Bianca Roberson in the head during a road rage incident.

A Man Who Allegedly Shot Two Indian Engineers In Kansas Is Charged With A Hate Crime

Adam Purinton allegedly asked two Indian men if their "status was legal" before opening fire. One man died, while two others were injured.

Justice Department To Investigate Black Teen Killed By Officer While Leaving House Party

Roy Oliver, the former Texas police officer who shot 15-year-old Jordan Edwards as he left a house party, has been charged with murder.

This Jimmy John's Employee Was Chill AF When A Robber Pointed A Gun In His Face

"I was thinking, Fuck this guy, dude. Because he did it like a bitch."

Read This Excerpt From Hannah Tinti's New Novel

Samuel Hawley teaches his 12-year-old daughter Loo how to shoot a gun in this excerpt from Hannah Tinti's new novel, The Twelve Lives of Samuel Hawley.

Man Saved By His Laptop During Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting

A bullet nearly struck Steve Frappier in the back Friday, but was stopped by the laptop he was carrying in his backpack. “The backpack saved my life,” he said.

Man Sentenced To A Year In Prison For Grabbing Officer's Gun At Trump Rally

Prosecutors said the British man told authorities he wanted to kill Donald Trump.

Kim Kardashian Made An Eerie Comment About Hating Guns On "KUWTK"

The latest episode was filmed before the robbery, but the comment is pretty chilling now.

Coolio Arrested At Los Angeles Airport With Stolen Gun

A man traveling with the rapper was going through a security checkpoint with the gun inside a bag, but Coolio told police the bag belonged to him after the firearm was found.

Chris Brown Was Set Up By Woman Who Claims He Pointed A Gun At Her, Attorney Says

Chris Brown was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of pointing a gun at a woman's head during an argument in his house, an allegation his attorney claims was a set up.

Chicago Sees Deadliest Month In Nearly 20 Years As Gun Violence Surges

The fatal shooting of Nykea Aldridge as she pushed her baby in a stroller was a grim reminder of just how bad it's gotten in the Windy City.

Chris Brown Arrested For Assault With Deadly Weapon After Alleged Fight With Woman At His Home

The singer was arrested Tuesday after allegedly threatening a model with a gun. He was later released on $250,000 bail.

Lawsuit: Trump State Director Pulled Gun On Staffer And Campaign Officials Did Nothing

A former Trump staffer in North Carolina claims in a lawsuit the state's former director pulled a loaded gun on him and pointed it at his kneecap. When he told former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, nothing happened.

Former Officer Sentenced To Prison For Shoving Gun Into Handcuffed Man's Mouth

A former St. Louis police officer was sentenced to more than four years in federal prison for assaulting a handcuffed man accused of stealing his daughter's credit card.

People Are Pissed A Gun Shop Is Raffling Off An AR-15 To Benefit Orlando Shooting Victims

The Illinois-based gun shop said it will also donate $2,000 in addition to the proceeds from the AR-15 raffle.

The NRA Says A Campaign To Give Away Guns In "At-Risk" Neighborhoods Is A Hoax

The campaign encourages people to buy a gun online, and then pick an "at-risk" neighborhood to which another gun will be shipped to someone to better protect themselves.

This Is Not Just About Orlando

Because I've had enough.

Volunteer Deputy Gets 4 Years In Prison For Killing Unarmed Suspect

A Tulsa, Oklahoma, judge handed down the maximum sentence to a former volunteer deputy who said he reached for a taser, but instead fired his gun, killing an unarmed black suspect.

Grandmas Shoot Guns For The First Time

"I gotta take my hearing aids out."

What Can Stop A Bullet?

Does hiding behind furniture really work like it does in the movies?

George Zimmerman Is Trying, Unsuccessfully, To Auction Gun Used To Kill Trayvon Martin

Bidding for the gun was supposed to open at $5,000 when it was first posted online Wednesday, but the sale has been stopped three times. United Gun Group said the last time it was removed because of false bids.

Groom-To-Be Fatally Shot While Scouting Wedding Venues

Thomas Rolfes was killed during an apparent robbery while scouting wedding venues in New Orleans, the city where he had met his bride.

Fake Or Real Gun: Can You Tell The Difference?

A 14-year-old boy was shot by an officer Wednesday in Baltimore after raising a BB gun that appeared to be a real semi-automatic weapon. Police departments have warned about the difficulty in differentiating between the two.

Toddler Accidentally Fatally Shoots His Mom While She's Driving Down Highway

The Milwaukee woman was driving a car belonging to her boyfriend, who is a security guard and had left his gun in the vehicle.

Suspected Arizona Freeway Shooter To Have Charges Dismissed

Leslie Allen Merritt Jr. was charged in September for opening fire on moving vehicles in the Phoenix area. Prosecutors now say they need to keep investigating the shootings before continuing the case.

Police: Sexuality Not Main Factor In Dad's Killing Of Gay Son

Los Angeles police detectives said Shehada Issa's main motivation for allegedly killing his son was not because he was gay, although that was a factor.

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