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Grand Theft Auto


17 F*cked Up Things Gamers Admit To Having Done

A Reddit user asked the question: “What’s the most messed up thing you’ve done in a video game?” It turns out we’re pretty messed up.


Street Photography In "Grand Theft Auto V"

Fernando Pereira Gomes takes artful photos in the most expensively built fake city in video game history.


13 Fake Products in the GTA 5 Trailer

The new Grand Theft Auto 5 trailer shows that the GTA world is still full of parody brands. We spotted over a dozen.

When I Grow Up, I Want To Be A Video Game Character

From, an adorable remix challenge to help a generic blob become a gaming icon. This is what happens when the Playstation Network is down and gamers have too much time on their hands. Much more here!

Creative Coffins

British company Creative Coffins makes eco-friendly, cartonboard coffins to order. You can personalize your carton-casket or choose from any number of their own designs. Here are but a few of the tasteful selections in which you will spend the rest of eternity. Yes, number four is a Dr. Who coffin.

Liberty City vs NYC

A Flickr photoset juxtaposing screens from GTA IV's Liberty city with shots of New York City includes many accurate and crazy details.

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