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Gopro Rig

360 Video Field Kit

Our 360 video and audio kit, in the field.

Head-Mounted 360 Video

We designed a head-mount for our 360-degree camera pair and took it to a Super Bowl protest.

Making The Valley Fire Video

BuzzFeed’s 360-degree look at the aftermath of California’s Valley fire has been viewed more than 6 million times. Plenty of viewers have been asking how we made it.

Behind The Scenes At A Thanksgiving Nightmare

We revised our camera mount to shoot the 360-degree video SOYLENT: A Thanksgiving Nightmare and gained some unexpected insights on immersive experiences.

Say Hello To Immersive Video News

The Open Lab's first video collaboration is live. And it is fantastic. Here's the story of how we made our first 360-degree video, a walk through the fire-ruined town of Middletown, California.

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