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11 Things You Might Not Realize Can Be Signs Of Depression

You may know that sleeping too much or too little, lack of interest in social gatherings, persistent sadness, and negative thoughts are signs of a depressive disorder. But there are other, subtler signs that something’s up.

You've Been Thinking About Anger All Wrong

Not only can anger be helpful, but acknowledging and expressing it is good.

14 Tips For Anyone Who's Feeling A Little Lonely Right Now

Loneliness exists separately from sadness and depression, but is just as important to recognize and address.

7 Fears I Had About Therapy That Never Came True

I thought my problems weren't "real" enough.

37 Confessions About Sex That Will Make You Feel Less Alone

BuzzFeed asked people to anonymously share what gets in the way of positive sexual experiences. Here are their open and honest answers.

12 Ways To Calm Down When You're Pissed Off And Don't Want To Be

For when you know you're way too angry, but can't seem to turn it off.

23 Times Tumblr Nailed What It's Like To Have ADHD

ADHD culture is looking through an ADHD post but only reading half the ADHD post.

How To Stop Overthinking Everything, According To Therapists

Rumination — aka thinking about something in endless circles — is exhausting *and* makes you more susceptible to depression and anxiety.

37 Celebrities Who Opened Up About Their Health This Year

From Ariana Grande's PTSD to Carrie Underwood's fertility troubles, celebrities weren't shy about trying to normalize conversations around many stigmatized conditions this year.

16 Things That Actually Helped People Stop Picking And Biting Their Nails

It's really hard to kick a nail biting or nail picking habit, but things like acrylic nails and fidget toys can help.

24 People Share The Advice That Changed Their Lives In 2018

The world is full of people waiting for someone else to make the first move.

10 Tips For Any Judgmental Person Who's Said "Ugh, Why Am I Like This?"

Being judgmental can really hurt other people, and is exhausting for the person doing it. Here's how to show others (and yourself!) a little compassion instead.

Goodful’s Detox Your Thoughts Newsletter Is Basically Free Therapy

Ditch the mental traps that are making you miserable, with the help of a licensed clinical psychologist.

11 Things You Might Not Realize Can Be Signs Of Anxiety

Even though it’s common and highly treatable, the vast majority of anxiety sufferers go without treatment — often times because they don’t even know something’s wrong.

Here's Why Kindness Matters, According To Science

For starters, kindness lengthens your lifespan.

7 Little Ways Your Pets Are Keeping You Healthy

As if you needed more reasons to love them.

15 Mental Health Resources For When You Are Feeling Helpless

Our best expert-backed advice, resources, and stories from everyday people who have been there — to make your life easier, to give you the tools you need to cope, and to help you feel a little less alone.

Everything You Could Possibly Want To Know About Therapy

The act of allowing yourself a space to focus on you and only you is one of the most compassionate things you can do for yourself. Here’s everything you need to know — from how to start therapy to how to get the most out of it.

19 Therapy Stories That'll Make You Say, "Dang, That's So True"

“If it’s not a definite yes, it’s a no.”

5 Reasons You Need More Houseplants, According To Science

Mother Nature did not have to go this hard. But she did.

It's OK To Feel Sad In The Summer

Summer is often difficult and stressful, and an Insta-worthy 4th of July isn’t the reality for most people. But it can be hard to explain to people why the sun makes you want to stay inside.

49 Jokes About Anxiety That Will Make You Laugh Anxiously

[meeting god at the pearly gates] r u mad at me lol

Here's Why You Should Be Honest At Your Postpartum Doctor's Visits

Those mental health forms for new moms at postpartum doctor’s visits? I thought they were for people with serious problems, not me.

20 Tips You Definitely Need If You're Always Busy And Stressed

Bookmark this for a rare moment when you're not rushing around.

10 Insider Secrets From Someone Who Is Really Freaking Anxious

No offense, but your anxiety is a big fat liar.

10 Things You Can Do To Feel Less Lonely, According To Therapists

It’s not as easy as just ~getting out there~.

17 Not-Overwhelming Ways To Eat Healthy When You're Depressed

Relationship status with food when you're depressed: It's complicated.

Here's How To Use A Bullet Journal For Better Mental Health

A way to keep it all together when things are falling apart.


15 Things Therapists Actually Want You To Know

Don't worry, they won't Google you or say hi to you at the bar.

14 Ways To Get Through Tense Holiday Family Time Like a Pro

*Breathes deeply, visualizes a breezy meadow, pounds wine*

Here's What No One Tells You About Having Both Depression And Anxiety

Caring both too much and not at all means never winning.

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