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Are you trying to use less plastic? Save the bees? Be less of a trash human? We're here to help.


Let's find out if you're tossing the right stuff in your recycling bin.

Travel ~green~ with these tips for reducing paper, plastic, food, and energy waste.

Single-use plastics were brought to their knees in 2018.

It's time to welcome nutritional yeast, nut milks, and avocado ice cream into your life.

Prune your plants, people!

If you gave up plastic straws and bags in 2018, here are some eco-friendly changes to make in the new year.

Are these items making it into your compost bin?

These tips on water, light, and soil will help you care for almost any houseplant.

Before you trash your greeting cards, check out these greener options.

Ho ho hold up: Don't trash your real Christmas tree.

Whether you're considering going pescatarian, vegetarian, vegan, or just want to cut down on meat, we have the advice you're looking for.

Go outside, even if it's for five minutes at a time.

Be less of a garbage person...quite literally.

Giving a homemade dish is thoughtful *and* sustainable.

If they can't always be in nature, bring nature to them.

Think macro this holiday season.

Here's the ~green~ thing to do.

For all the green(ish) thumbs in your life.

Your plumbing system literally cannot with those wipes.

Compost, compost, compost.

Sleep tight. Don't let the snake plants bite.

They head straight for the landfill.

Here are some of our favorite posts to help you connect with and celebrate nature more, and to take better care of this incredible, majestic, awe-inspiring planet we get to call home.

"Some people my age have kids and I’m googling 'house plants that are impossible to kill' diversity is beautiful."

Mother Nature did not have to go this hard. But she did.

Thank you, fractals, for chilling us all out.

Around 52% of America's fresh produce goes uneaten.

By Oct. 8, most of the Northeast and Southwest US will be awash in autumnal beauty.

Caring for them doesn't have to succ.

I'm not saying you *won't* want to hug a tree after reading this.

Cut down on waste and save a ton of money while you're at it.

Mother Nature did not have to go this hard, but she did! She did it just for us.


We're ROOTing for you.

Because we can't all be park rangers or marine biologists.


How well do you know the plant kingdom?

So many trees, so many saunas.

Grass, trees, and even FAMILY-SIZE PORCH SWINGS.

Toxic? No. Gorgeous? Yes.

She’s saving money and the planet and also looks AMAZING while doing it.

"Next step, eliminate the plastic cups. You ask the barista for a venti cold brew. She brings out the beer bong. It’s now or never."

FYI, you definitely shouldn't be leaving out a teaspoon of sugar and water for them.

Been throwing your pizza boxes in the recycling? Well, they don't belong there.

"Formaldehyde? I don't know her." —Your home.

So simple, yet so satisfying.

It's as good a month as any to be even kinder to the planet.

Reduce, reuse, reject any single-use items.

Because plastic doesn't have to be included in your warm weather plans.

The have 400 reviews on Amazon and my personal stamp of approval.

*looking at the moon* What highlighter does she use?

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