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14 Tips For Anyone Who's Feeling A Little Lonely Right Now

Loneliness exists separately from sadness and depression, but is just as important to recognize and address.

19 Practical Ways To Get Through Your Bad Season

The Bad Season is the annual 2-4 month period of the year when you just feel sad, mad, uncomfortable in your own skin, and angry at all of your clothes. Here are some things that might help you cope.

15 Things That People With Seasonal Affective Disorder Find Helpful

From vitamin D to volunteering with dogs, these tips might help with SAD.

17 Seasonal Affective Disorder Jokes You Might Need Right About Now

"The way to avoid seasonal affective disorder is to stay busy with fun winter activities, such as contemplating mortality and yelling at snow."

40 Self-Care Ideas For People Who Aren't Really Into Sheet Masks And Baths

If you’re not drawn to massages and manicures, here are some alternative ideas that might work for you.

Come Share What Helps You Through Seasonal Affective Disorder

Tell us what helps your mood and motivation when the seasons change.

10 Important Boundaries Everyone Should Set In 2019

Having boundaries is important...but how do you actually do it?

11 Helpful Tips For Anyone Who Has An Aztec Healing Clay Mask

There are a bunch of tips and hacks floating around that'll help you use the bentonite clay mask the right way — and ways you didn't even know it could be used.

24 People Share The Advice That Changed Their Lives In 2018

The world is full of people waiting for someone else to make the first move.

37 Holiday Self-Care Tips For Anyone Who Is Kind Of Not OK RN

We don’t live in Hallmark movies; we live in the real world, where shitty families, breakups, divorces, miscarriages, death, unemployment, depression, anxiety, addiction, violence, and good ol'-fashioned bad times exist — yes, even at Christmas.

14 Books For Anyone Who's Had A Tough Year

Books for the lonely, downtrodden, pissed, lost, or just anyone who's not OK.

Tell Us The Advice That Changed Your Life In 2018

Tell us about the words that inspired and motivated you.

How Do You Stay Close To Friends Who Live Far Away?

Because it takes a lot more than a monthly text message.

18 Products For Anyone Who's Curious About This Whole CBD Thing

Because this stuff is in everything now.

8 Holiday Survival Tips For Adults With Divorced Parents

For adults navigating the holidays with divorced parents, ‘tis the season of managing complicated relationships, expectations, and logistics — all without pissing someone off or running yourself ragged.

19 Cozy Teas That Will Keep You Warm This Winter

*pours tea on all my problems*

Turns Out, Jade Rollers Are Pretty Legit

My general reaction to every influencer Instagram story about the latest and greatest facial roller was a big ol' "Sure, Jan." So I decided to find out for myself.

The Goodful Self-Care Starter Pack

There’s no “right” way to practice self-care, but we hope these posts will help you build a self-care kit filled with tools that help you feel a tiny bit better.

17 Wholesome Tweets You'll Want To Send To All Your Friends

"There are two drunk men outside my window and all they're saying is 'NO, you're MY best friend in the whole world' back and forth."

22 Life-Changing Podcast Episodes We Recommend To Everyone We Know

Bookmark this post for your next flight, long run, or just for when you're bored.

17 Tweets About Self-Care That Are Waaaaay Too Real

"Does anyone else write things they already did in their planner just so you can cross it out and feel accomplished?"

21 Beautiful Words From Other Languages That Will Brighten Your Day A Little Bit

Turns out, there’s a word for that feeling when everyone lingers over the table talking after a meal.

Gisele Bündchen Opened Up About Having Panic Attacks And Suicidal Thoughts

"I felt powerless. Your world becomes smaller and smaller, and you can’t breathe, which is the worst feeling I’ve ever had."


Only A True Yogi Can Identify 9/12 Of These Poses

Take a deep breath, and begin.

15 Things To Do Alone If You Ever Get The Chance

Honestly, we should never go to the movies with other people.

How To Take Yourself Out On A Proper Date

A little planning can transform what would otherwise be an ordinary meal into a treasured, nourishing act of self-care.

21 Tweets About Therapy That Are Waaaaay Too Real

Therapist: "Do you get anxious?" Me: "When I'm awake, yes."

7 Soothing Crafts To Try If You're Looking For A New Hobby

Had a long day? Craft. Nervous hands? Craft. Racing thoughts? Craft.

21 Ways To Understand Yourself A Tiny Bit More

If you can't understand the world, try starting with yourself.


How To Make An Emergency Self-Care Kit

When you’re having a bad moment/day/week, it will serve as a kind of “break glass in case of emergency” kit to help you feel a tiny bit better.

Self-Care: An A To Z Guide

A more or less definitive guide to taking care of yourself.

7 Rewarding Ways To Have A Happier, Healthier July

From embracing summer sadness to nailing the perfect scrambled egg, we know how you should make this month even better.

49 Jokes About Anxiety That Will Make You Laugh Anxiously

[meeting god at the pearly gates] r u mad at me lol

This DIY Mindfulness Jar Will Help You Calm The F*%$ Down

These glittery jars are easy to make and can help you remember to take a moment for yourself to just breathe.

If You Like Gravity Blankets, You'll Love This Zero-Gravity Beanbag Chair

The inventors of the Gravity Blanket are back with a new product.

18 Tiny Things To Do In The Morning To Have A Better Day

Make that phone call you know you'll put off for the rest of the day!

9 Rewarding Ways To Have A Happier, Healthier June

From free apps to #plogging, we know how you should make this month even better.

15 Ways To Beat The 3 O'Clock Slump That Aren't Coffee

Trade in that espresso for some pictures of puppies.

16 Things That'll Instantly Help You Unwind After A Long Day At Work

"I get out my watercolors and put on some smooth jazz. It makes me sound like an old lady, but it’s fun!"

12 Apps That Will Help You Take Better Care Of Yourself

From habit-tracking to anxiety management, there's pretty much an app for everything.

15 Tiny Things That Could Seriously Improve Your Life In Just A Month

Because sometimes it's the little things that have the biggest impact.

Here's Why You Should Start Replacing "I'm Sorry" With "Thank You"

Save your big apologies for the important things.

Here's Why You Should Be Honest At Your Postpartum Doctor's Visits

Those mental health forms for new moms at postpartum doctor’s visits? I thought they were for people with serious problems, not me.

19 Heartwarming Stories That Will Make You Want To Start A Garden

"To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow."

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