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Grocery store cashier: "Having a party tonight?" Me: "Nope, just pregnant."

BuzzFeed asked people to anonymously share what gets in the way of positive sexual experiences. Here are their open and honest answers.

"Why don't you just itch it?" THANKS, I HADN'T THOUGHT OF THAT.

It's a gift that Future You will thank you for, believe me.

Here's what to expect from your ancestry and genetic health risk results.

There are a bunch of tips and hacks floating around that'll help you use the bentonite clay mask the right way — and ways you didn't even know it could be used.

From Ariana Grande's PTSD to Carrie Underwood's fertility troubles, celebrities weren't shy about trying to normalize conversations around many stigmatized conditions this year.

You can turn your plain old toilet into a literal porcelain throne.

It's really hard to kick a nail biting or nail picking habit, but things like acrylic nails and fidget toys can help.

Plus, eight pairs of socks that are perfect presents.

I have vaginismus, vulvodynia, and endometriosis which makes sex painful. But I've found things that help.

Because this stuff is in everything now.

"My life has changed in exactly one way: I take two pills every morning."

Your plumbing system literally cannot with those wipes.

“As my audiologist walked around, I could hear her coat sleeves brush her coat. It was like getting a superpower.”

Don't underestimate the power of an evening skincare routine.

Sleep tight. Don't let the snake plants bite.

Sleep maintenance insomnia is real, and it's annoying.

The correct dose of melatonin is three times less than what most people are taking.

Just put pillows everywhere, k?

No more wine before bed, friends.

Bad news: Wine, pets, and hot showers can all be terrible for your sleep.

"It's like taking Tylenol PM every morning and drinking energy drinks every night."

My general reaction to every influencer Instagram story about the latest and greatest facial roller was a big ol' "Sure, Jan." So I decided to find out for myself.

Just because it's invisible doesn't mean it doesn't hurt like hell.

"My wife just goes to sleep when she gets tired and it's the most impressed I ever am by anyone doing anything."

For starters, kindness lengthens your lifespan.

"My dentist just put some lip balm on me without asking?! I thought this was a dentist not a liptist."

As if you needed more reasons to love them.

TBH, I really liked it.

"Not everyone wants to wear the pink ribbon and march in parades. Some like to keep their fight private."

Our goal is to help you understand your body; to provide you with accurate, non-shamey information; and to inspire you to treat your body — and others’ bodies — with kindness, respect, and dignity.

"Lots of people assume you’re being sober *at* them, instead of doing it for yourself. I just want people to separate my choices from their habits."

Mother Nature did not have to go this hard. But she did.

"My hand always strays to my back, shoulders, face; always searching, scratching, picking."

"It would be awesome to be able to go for a damn run without making me into something to look at."

Make your pits (and the people standing next to you) very happy with the delightfully scented, long-lasting Kopari deodorant.

"Does anyone else write things they already did in their planner just so you can cross it out and feel accomplished?"


Take a deep breath, and begin.

A bubbling bath in a volcanic crater, anyone?

The book celebrates its 20th anniversary this month.

From fanfic to Facebook groups.

Creating life isn't just a miracle, it's a triumph.

It's like Everlane and Aesop had a baby...and that baby was a line of sex products.

They won't take away your pain, but they'll make things a little easier.

With over 2,600 reviews, it's safe to say this bra has a cult following among pregnant people.

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