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Inside The Trump Storm With An Ohio Union Boss

Dave Green has been trying to save GM’s plant near Youngstown. After Trump sniped at him on social media, he quickly scored a visit from Beto O’Rourke and a bunch of media.

A Driverless Chevy Coming "Sooner Than You Think," Says GM President

Services like Uber and Lyft are set to boom, Dan Ammann says, because self-driving cars will "take the driver out of the equation."

Here's Why No One Should Have An American Car

AmeriCAN'T build a car, basically.

7 Reasons Why Tesla Doesn't Want To Sell Through Dealerships

"Our opposition comes from two groups, primarily from dealer groups and secondarily from General Motors," Tesla General Counsel Todd Maron said at an FTC conference on Tuesday.

As Car Hacking Spurs Fears In Congress, Tesla And GM Push Back

The rise of connected automobiles has prompted calls for privacy and cybersecurity regulations from Congress, but car manufacturers want an industry-led, hands-off approach.

FDA Recommends Relaxing Ban On Gay Men Donating Blood — With A Big Caveat

The Food and Drug Administration recommends a policy that would allow blood donations from men who have abstained from sex with another man for one year. LGBT advocates say the recommendation doesn't go far enough.

Here's What Advertisers Should Really Be Doing To Pressure The NFL

Stern statements from brands like Pepsi and Anheuser-Busch aren't really damaging the league. If they want to affect real change, they need to hit the league and its owners where it hurts most — in their wallets.

BMW Sells A Record 1 Million Cars In First Half Of 2014

The luxury vehicle group sold more cars in this year's first six months than any other half-year period in its history, breaking the 1 million mark with a nearly 7% year-over-year sales increase.


This Is What 29 Million Cars Looks Like

GM announced Monday it's recalling 8.4 million cars, pushing the total number of recalled GM vehicles past 29 million — in 2014 alone. Here is what 29 million cars looks like.

GM Fires 15 Employees Over Deadly Ignition Switch

The results of a report released Thursday, presented by GM CEO Mary Barra, state that incompetence and neglect by GM caused the decade-long delay in fixing the ignition switch problem.

Car Crisis

Just over two months into her tenure as GM Chief Executive, Mary Barra is faced with perhaps the biggest crisis the automaker has faced since its bailout. GM had recalled 3.15 million cars for various safety failures and said it would take a $300 million charge this quarter. Further, the company had been criticized for its tightly-controlled press management of the crisis.

Big Three Automakers Have Disappointing December, But Sell Over 7 Million In 2013

The total industry expects 2013 U.S. sales to come in at 15.6 million, the best year since 2007, when it sold 16.1 million.

Female CEOs Of The Fortune 500 By The Numbers

A breakdown of the 23 women at the helm of Fortune 500 companies and the operations they run on the heels of GM's appointment of Mary Barra, who is its first female CEO.

4 Things To Know About Mary Barra, GM's First Female CEO

She's a "car gal" who's been at GM since she was 18.

U.S. Car Companies Had A Fantastic June

Following high sales in May, all three major US car companies reported big numbers for June as well. Here's how quickly cars are moving off the lot in the hottest U.S. auto market since the recession.

How Treasury Got Its Bailout Money Back, In Charts

The Treasury Department has been trying to tell the public for years that its bank bailout program has been more financially successful than you think. Here are some charts showing they might be right.

4 Charts Showing How Hot The Auto Industry Is

Car sales were at their highest rate in six months in May. But the auto industry has been expanding since well before then.

DNC To Romney: Here's Why You Don't Bet Against America

"Let them go bankrupt" line comes back to haunt Romney in new Democratic National Committee web video. GM's record profit bolsters Obama's case.

Ford Asks Chevy Not To Run Mayan Apocalypse Super Bowl Ad

GM's global chief marketing officer, Joel Ewanick, reported Ford's takedown request via Twitter on Super Bowl Sunday. (h/t @NYCAviation)

Top 20 Achievements Of President Obama

Barack Obama refuses to "spike the football," so we'll do it for him. This list is in no particular order and by no means comprehensive. Achievement unlocked: Reelection.

Tiger Woods No Longer GM Spokesman

After nine years in deep, beautiful corporate love, Tiger Woods and GM are finally going their separate ways.

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