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Gift Guides 2016

32 Products For People Who Are Obsessed With Their Pets

Their love for their pet is greater than their love for you — that's not up for debate.

34 Of The Best Gifts To Buy At Nordstrom

You can rip up that holiday shopping list like yesterday.

21 Inexpensive Gifts For The Cool Guy In Your Life

You'll probably want to keep these for yourself.

47 Secret Santa Gifts Under $20 That Don't Suck

Ho ho ho-ly cow are these some good Secret Santa gifts.

35 Of The Best Gifts To Buy At H&M

One gift for you, two gifts for me...

36 Amazing New Beauty Products You Really Need To Try

Holiday sets, new makeup, jinglin' all the way.

26 Awesome Gifts From Asos For Everyone On Your List

Test tube shooters, a DIY beanie, holiday sock sets, and a bunch of other products to add to your holiday shopping list.

29 Awesome Gifts You Didn't Know You Could Get At Wayfair

A cat shoe rack, yogi garden dogs, bean bags, an LED bonsai tree, and more!

19 Not-Awkward Things To Get Your New Boyfriend Or Girlfriend

Whether it's ~official~ yet or not, get your almost-bae something fun but thoughtful.

19 Stocking Stuffers Your Kids Will Like More Than Their Presents

Who needs presents with a stocking like this?


21 Great Gifts For Anyone Who Loves Running

Stuff that will make runners (even more) obsessed with running.

18 Gift Ideas For People Who Fucking Love Wine

You might want to buy one or two for yourself, too.

21 Gifts For That Person You Can Never Think Of A Good Gift For

Would it kill them to just give you *some* idea of what to get them?


27 Gifts For The Medical Nerd In Your Life

Give a gift from all four chambers of your anatomically correct heart.

26 Amazing Gifts You'll Want To Share With Your Best Friend

Sharing is caring and your BFF would probably borrow it without asking anyway. The products in this post were updated in October 2017.

23 Gifts For Others That Are Secretly Gifts For Yourself

Just think of them as smart investments.

29 Gifts Only True Makeup Addicts Will Appreciate

::starts singing "Rudolph the Red-Lipped Reindeer"::

27 Gifts For Anyone Whose Life Revolves Around Snacking

Snack unto others as you would have them snack unto you.

23 Gifts The Person You Barely Know Will Totally Love

Cool -- but generic enough -- to fit the semi-acquaintances in your life from your Secret Santa to your sister's terrible boyfriend.

19 Impossibly Cool Gifts That'll Make You Want To Go Camping

Why sleep on a bed when you can sleep suspended in air?

28 Gifts For People Who Love Words

Don't worry — it's not just books.

29 Gifts You Hated As A Kid But Would Love Now

All the things you tended to regift...or were clearly regifted to you.

18 Awesome Gifts Any College Student Will Totally Love

Pray for my GPA. The products in this post were updated in October 2018.

33 Gifts For People Who Love To Travel

If traveling were free, you'd never see them again. The products in this post were updated in August 2018.

16 Gifts For People Who Always Need To Charge Their Phone

So you no longer have to be *that* friend asking everyone if they have a charger.

32 Zodiac Gifts That’ll Leave You Star Struck

For the friend who blames everything on Mercury Retrograde.

21 Gorgeous Gifts For Your Fanciest Friend

Elegant ideas for any budget. The products in this post were updated in October 2017.

24 Amazing Subscription Boxes That Are Actually Useful

All those things you forget to buy until you desperately need them, delivered to your door.

27 Gifts For People Who Don't Have Time For Jerks

Even the blackest of hearts will have feelings about this.

33 Of The Best Gifts To Buy At Urban Outfitters

Head massagers, a rainbow light projector, metal Christmas trees, and 30 other amazing products for everyone on your list.

19 Genius Gifts For Anyone Who Loves To Be Cozy

The snuggle is real. The products in this post were updated in October 2017.

32 Products Every Awkward Human Will Deeply Relate To

*does mannequin challenge to avoid talking to people*

38 Creepy Cool Gifts Every Skull Lover Will Want

Bad to the bone is an understatement.

37 Gifts You'd Buy If Money Were No Object

Let's all pretend we have Emily and Richard Gilmore money. The products in this post were updated on October 30th, 2017.

17 Gifts For Anyone Who Loves The Ocean

Or be shellfish and get them for yourself.

23 Perfect Gifts For Future "Star Wars" Nerds

"Truly wonderful the mind of a child is." —Yoda

26 Boob-tastic Gifts To Get Your Breast Friend

A treasure chest of stuff to get your breast friends.

26 Gifts That Are As Hilarious As They Are Sexy

NSFW (and maybe not safe for opening up in front of family, either).

27 Perfect Gifts For Your Best Friend At Work

The cubicle mate of your heart.

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