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Which EXO GIF Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

I promise that "yeol" love it!


Which "The Office" GIF Are You Based On Your Least Favorite Quality?

Deep down, we're all ignorant sluts just like Dwight.


We Know What GIF Will Make You Scream Based On Your Favorite Chanel Oberlin Outfit

Spoiler alert: You'll scream "EW!" or "AWW!" (with an "OMG" somewhere in the mix).

8 cosas de los videojuegos que necesitamos en la vida real

Mamá, he reseteado mis stats con una poción y voy a cambiar de carrera: ahora soy mago.

Les fans de David Bowie lui rendent hommage avec cette superbe image

Cette image, par l'illustratrice britannique Helen Green, montre les multiples visages de l'artiste mort dimanche à travers sa carrière.

What Do You Want To See On BuzzFeed's Snapchat Story?

New year, new stories just waiting to be snapped.

19 personas que han tenido un día peor que el tuyo

Quién les ha robado el mes de abril.


19 Ralph Wiggum Moments Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

"All my friends have birthdays this year!"


Literally Just A Bunch Of GIFs Of Paul Rudd Dancing

Because the man is a national treasure.


Now You Can Make GIFs Right Inside Tumblr

The mobile app now lets you make GIFs from your videos.

42 Cat GIFs Guaranteed To Make You Laugh Every Time

Cats are God's greatest gift to the internet.


17 Times "Steven Universe" Made You Laugh

Starring Peridot and Onion. (Warning: Spoilers.)


We Know What GIF You Need To See Based On This One Question

We all have our good days and our bad days.


Do You Know How To Pronounce GIF?

The debate continues to plague mankind


The Ultimate "Friends" Quiz: Can You Name The Episode In 1 Second?

"It’s a moo point. It’s like a cow’s opinion; it doesn’t matter. It’s moo."

Kannst Du diese Blockbuster an nur einem GIF erkennen?

Das schönste Film-Quiz aller Zeiten. Bis jetzt zumindest.

Giphy's New App Lets Everyone Be The Star Of Their Own GIF

We love watching them and we love sharing them, but Giphy hopes its new app will get us making them too.

How Good Is Your Eye For Film?

We sped up movies into 1 second GIFs. DO NOT BLINK.

How Do You Pronounce "GIF"?

Where do you stand on this polarizing issue?


Tall Girl Problems

It ‘aint easy being tall…

Adults Imitate Baby Seeing Fireworks

“I think the baby is reliving his birth.”

The Last 40 Years Of Marriage Equality In GIF Form

History being made state by state in a GIF!

20 USWNT GIFs That Are Perfect For Any Situation

Rapinoe, Solo, Wambach, and the crew have you covered.


Here's A Simple Step-By-Step Guide To Making GIFs

Win the internet, no Photoshop required. (But you will need $5 and a Mac... sorry PC users.)

What Celebrity Do You See In This Image?

Test how good your vision is with this odd optical illusion.


This Weird GIF Will Test Your Memory

Do you have any short-term memory left?

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