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Einfach 14 extrem befriedigende GIFs

So entspannend und so hypnotisch.

18 optische Täuschungen, die dich erstmal krass verwirren werden

Halte dich an deinem Bildschirm fest, jetzt wird's wild!

Tiffany "New York" Pollard Is The Meme Queen, But There's So Much More To Her

The breakout star of Flavor of Love has found new life as a meme. So how do you make a career out of being a GIF?

"Gif" Lightsaber Battle

Two friends become foes in a VR lightsaber battle based on how they pronounce the word, "gif".

How Delivering Meals To Seniors Showed Me The Real New York

After years of living in a place I couldn't really know, it was volunteering with a meal delivery service — and meeting the people who needed those meals — that finally opened New York City up to me.

28 GIFs géniaux qui expliquent le fonctionnement de trucs de tous les jours

Des explications pour toutes les choses auxquelles vous n'aviez jamais pensé.


14 GIFs, die Dich einfach nur unendlich befriedigen werden

Merkwürdig entspannend und verdammt hypnotisch.

18 Times Reverse GIFs Were The Best GIFs

Backwards is betterwards.

17 preuves que les danseurs classiques sont les plus forts

Il faut beaucoup de force pour avoir l'air aussi délicat.


Which GIF Of A Hot Male Celeb With A Dog Do You Need To See Today?

This is sure to cure a ruff day at work...


We Know Which Dancing Kid GIF You'll Love Based On Your Zodiac Sign

♫ Everybody, yeah, rock your body, yeah. Everybody, yeah, rock your body right ♫


Do You Know Which Movies These GIFs Are From?

Do you pay enough attention to detail?

Así se hicieron famosos los babuinos oficinistas

Contamos la historia de los babuinos más famosos de Internet.

Ces gifs de pâtisseries vont vous rendre fous

Cette pâte à pain qui lève, mmmmmmmmm.


Which Adam Driver GIF Do You Need To See Right Now?

Is there really a way to go wrong here?


We Know Which Dog Doing The Butt Scoot You Need To See Today

Because dogs are awesome and butts are itchy sometimes.


What Butt GIF Do You Need To See Today?

This will make your week a little better. [Slightly NSFW]


Which Anakin Skywalker GIF Are You?

You underestimate this quiz's power.

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