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Wendy Williams looking scared, and a haunted house

People Who Have Lived In Haunted Houses Are Sharing Their Creepiest Stories, And My Blood Just Went Cold

"One night, I heard an almighty scream and ran to my sister's room thinking she was hurt. Turned out every lightbulb upstairs had smashed except for one lamp in the hallway. I spoke about hearing voices in the house and my sister said she had heard the same. We both wrote down who we thought it was and swapped papers..."

People Are Confessing The Spookiest "Unexplained" Events That Have Happened To Them, And I'm Locking My Doors

"I had visitors over, and their kids liked my room because it had a massive bed that they could play on. We assumed they were in my room because we heard a bunch of noise. One of the mothers was about to tell them to be quiet, when suddenly, all the kids came inside from the backyard asking for snacks. The noise from my bedroom was gone. We asked the kids if they had been in my room. They said no, because someone had told them not to. They didn't elaborate on who that 'someone' was."

News O'Clock: I Ain’t Afraid Of NYT Ghosts And Come Get Some Advice

The New York Times wrote about quarantine ghosts, and we are here for it. Plus, a whistleblower warns of the “darkest winter in modern history," and BuzzFeed’s Stephen LaConte has advice for some of his followers' most interesting problems...

18 Haunting Pictures That Aren't What They Seem

“I’m not trying to say that people’s minds are flawed or their cognitive systems are limited, but I am trying to say that these systems are often weirder than most of us imagine.”

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