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George Takei

Why Isn't Broadway Better For Asian-American Actors?

Hamilton has been hailed as the start of a new, less white era on Broadway, but many remain underrepresented onstage. As Asian-Americans actors celebrate progress, they also reveal the stark realities that prove how far theater still has to go.

Meet Sulu's Husband In "Star Trek Beyond"

"It was something we all really believed strongly in, and it was kind of nice to put your money where your mouth is," screenwriter Doug Jung told BuzzFeed News.

How George Takei Made It Through Sundance

BuzzFeed shadowed the Star Trek star, the subject of the new feature documentary To Be Takei, as he and husband Brad Takei braved the wilds of the Sundance Film Festival.


George Takei Responds To "Traditional" Marriage Fans

The legendary George Takei responds in the best way possible to the protesters who gathered during March Prop 8/DOMA hearings outside the Supreme Court. I went there to ask them to express their opinions on a pad of paper; now George is weighing in. Can he be any more amazing?


George Takei Declares War On "Twilight"

Why should "Star Wars" and "Star Trek" fans fight amongst themselves? Takei implores William Shatner and Carrie Fischer to put aside their differences for the greater good.

George Takei Reassures Humanity

Looks like Zuckerberg's clone finally slows down by the 24th century. Sulu reminds us that compared to timeline travel, things could be worse.

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