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The Lib Dems Failed To Declare £185,000 Of Spending In The General Election

The Electoral Commission has given the party the maximum fine possible of £20,000.

Please Enjoy This Picture Of Nick Clegg Dancing To 5ive

The Liberal Democrats hosted a party last night to thank staff for their work during the election.

11 Things Hillary Clinton Could Learn From David Cameron

He might be a conservative, but the prime minister's message and tactics could be better suited to the Democrats than the Republicans.

Meet The Man Who Is Most Likely To Lead The Liberal Democrats

A bruised Tim Farron tells BuzzFeed News why he shed tears over Simon Hughes, why he won't change the party's name – and why David Cameron's victory could spell the "end of the Tory party".

These Are The 13 Muslims Who Have Been Elected To Parliament

A record number of Muslim MPs will be heading to Westminster this week, most of them women.

People Explain Why They Voted For The Conservatives

The Conservatives defied the polls to win a majority of seats in the House of Commons. What motivated people to vote Tory?

Here's What The New Culture Secretary Said About The BBC Last Year

It's fair to say John Whittingdale wants to see a few changes.

There Are Now More Women In The House Of Commons Than Ever Before

A record 30% of MPs are now women. But that does mean two-thirds are still men.

Scottish Labour Was Overwhelmed By History, Says Jim Murphy

The Scottish Labour leader said circumstance conspired against his party, but he will not resign.


If The Media Said What Labour Supporters Really Feel

Balls. NSFW language, of course.

These GIFs Perfectly Describe How Labour People Feel Right Now

People are realising there's another five years of the Tories

Here Are The Labour MPs Who Could Replace Ed Miliband As Party Leader

Miliband is about to stand down after a torrid election night for Labour. Who will be his successor?

A Dead Man Stood For Election And He Didn't Come Last

Former Eurovision singer Ronnie Carroll won 113 votes in Hampstead and Kilburn, despite dying several weeks ago.

The Lib Dems Are Now Represented By Eight Middle-Aged White Guys

They had 57 MPs in 2010. But here's who's left now.

The SNP Has Pulled Off An Absolutely Incredible Election Victory In Scotland

Scotland went to bed with six SNP MPs – it woke up with 56.

16 Things You Need To Know About What The Election Results Mean

It's been quite a night. Here's what we've learned as a result.

A Complete Guide To Every Scottish Labour MP

Everything you need to know.

34 Scottish Labour MPs Who Lost Their Seats To The SNP

It has been an utterly catastrophic night for Jim Murphy's party.

Nick Clegg Has Hinted That He Is About To Resign As Liberal Democrat Leader

He said it had been a "cruel and punishing night".

Tory Minister Esther McVey Has Been Defeated By Labour

She's no longer the only Tory MP in Merseyside.

The Liberal Democrats Are Being Wiped Out And They Look Completely Devastated

It's much worse than the party could have imagined.

Jim Murphy Has Lost His Seat To The SNP

He previously said Scottish Labour wouldn't lose a single seat to the Scottish nationalists.

This Is The Moment Douglas Alexander Lost His Seat

The former Cabinet minister fell victim to the SNP.

The SNP's Mhairi Black Beats Douglas Alexander To Become The Youngest MP Since 1667

Black, who is 20 years old, has unseated Labour's Douglas Alexander.

19 Kids Who Are Furious That Their Parents Voted UKIP

Why do we always hurt the ones we love?

Lord Ashcroft's Polling Numbers "Nowhere Near" Results Of The Exit Poll

The Conservative peer's exit poll of 12,000 voters had the Tories on 34% to Labour on 31%

You Must Follow The Twitter Account Cross-Stitching The Election Results

Tom Katsumi has been cross-stitching a map of the UK overnight. Speaking to BuzzFeed News, he said: "I'm still doing it and only slept for an hour and a half!" Update: He has finished the stitching.

12 Photos Of British Politicians Improved By "Friends" Quotes

The One With the Inevitable Anticlimax.

People Keep Tweeting Different Kinds Of Hats That Paddy Ashdown Could Eat

Rule No. 1 of politics: Don't make promises you can't keep.

13 Eyebrow-Raising Polling Booth Confessions

Here's what people using the anonymous secret-sharing app Whisper have to say about the general election.

Exit Poll Shows Tories Have A Huge Lead Over Labour

The Conservatives are on 316 seats compared to just 239 for Labour.

David Cameron Back In No. 10 As Rivals Resign

The leaders of Labour, the Liberal Democrats, and UKIP all resigned as prime minister David Cameron's Conservatives won a surprise majority in parliament. In Scotland, the SNP swept the board, winning all but three seats.


Which Party's Voters Believe The Weirdest Things?

Like which political tribe thinks we're most likely to be destroyed by zombies?

19 Faces Everyone Staying Up To Watch The Election Will Recognise

"Why did I think this was a good idea again?"

SNP Voters Are Making Fun Of Boris Johnson By Imagining The #Jockalypse

Boris Johnson thinks the SNP are about to cause an "ajockalypse", and their supporters can't wait.

Hindu Group Tells Voters To Back Tories Because They Wouldn't Legislate Against Caste Discrimination

A controversial amendment to the Equality Act would ensure that caste discrimination was outlawed. But the Conservatives think current legislation already makes it illegal.

This HIV Positive Immigrant's "Hug Me" Stunt Got A Heartwarming Response

"We need to put a face on immigration in this country. Maybe this is it."

How Scotland Became The Strangest And Most Important Place In British Politics

A story of medieval knights, drama on the streets, and the obliteration of the Labour party.

Inside The Tory Campaign To Stop Nigel Farage

BuzzFeed News joined former Conservative leader Michael Howard on the campaign trail in South Thanet, where UKIP and the Tories are neck and neck.

Hindu Charity Investigated Over Open Letter Endorsing The Conservatives

The general secretary of the National Council of Hindu Temples has released an open letter that appears to endorse the Conservative party. The charity regulator is now investigating to see whether the NCHT has broken the rules.

Nick Clegg Went To A Massive Political Rally And Was Surprised That People Liked Him

The Lib Dem leader was treated like a hero at the Citizens UK event.

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